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Burning Bridges


So, almost my entire life I’ve lost friends because I’m “not fun” or I have “too many problems”. I’ve even lost a romantic relationship because of it.

Recently, I had a friend who spread a rumor about me saying I slept with the friend who actually saved my life. My other friends were supportive, but one by one they started disappearing.

Yesterday I sat with a friend who understands me and she spoke with one of the people who left. Apparently I have a “Bad temper” because I’m not letting the guy get away with telling everyone I’m a whore.

Anyone else have this happen to them? And how do you deal with lost friendships?

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Oh that's a nasty thing to do! I had a rumour spred around by jealous members of my family. Untrue, but some people believed it. Small Town mentality, I'm afraid. I realised that the more i denied it, the more some people would believe it was true. So i stuck my head in the air, ignored the comments, and showed i was a happy strong women. I think this is the best revenge 😊🌻✌️.

mhunnell19 in reply to Dubba61

I can understand that. And I’m okay with it now, the only reason it’s still a thing is because this isn’t the first time the guy has done it to someone. For example, he bullied my friend for having ADHD because she took a semester off college to get help for it. I’m done with him, but losing these other people sucks.

I’m glad you were about to handle your situation well! People just don’t understand what it means to be nice nowadays.

Dubba61 in reply to mhunnell19

That is true. I miss the old days in the 70's when i was young, people where happier and kinder. He sounds a horrible Man and your well rid of him as is your friend. Keep moving forwards​ don't look back. It's all we can do.😊✌️🌻best wishes. Dee

fauxartist in reply to Dubba61

now I know I'm ancient...I miss the 60's....peace and love generation...then it just all seemed to go down hill didn't it....the early seventies were cool still....then the 80's came and it was time to just shut the door.

Dubba61 in reply to fauxartist

Yeah, so true. I was a little girl in. The sixties and people where just happier. Happy the War was over, happy to see the end of rationing, happy in there work. we where still poor, but, richer than we,d ever been. (At least my family were). N the 70,s when i was a teenager n we all dressed like performers,! Fabulous happy times n i wouldn't swop my youth, for anybody,s. Till Thatcher's britain! My goodness she knew how to spoil a good Party! 😊🌻✌️

No loss, they are not your friends if they would believe a known bully's BS. Your better off finding new friends that are more like what you are like. I find that we sometimes attract the opposite of what we are, people who are lacking in certain traits like being empathetic, will be attracted to those that are empathetic for example. Generation Z does seem to have a bit more apathy in general when it comes to social graces, and or having compassion for anyone besides themselves. I think being anonymous behind a cellphone or laptop screen most of their waking hours has de-sensitized a lot of people. But there are always good people, may just be a little harder to find, but they are there.


This is why I don’t have any friends. I like being alone or around mostly immediate family.




They were never really your friends to begin with...on with living your life, and find yourself some new ones or maybe none at all and just focus on you. Me and acquaintances that is how I prefer it now.

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