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How can I help my teen

Hi My 15 yo son was recently diagnosed with severe anxiety. His # 1 behavior is avoidance, specifically school. He just started prozac, counseling (about 3 sessions now) and school is trying to cooperate but he has missed so much he needs a medical excuse and may be labeled a truant. On top of it all, he is an introvert, I am an extrovert. If anyone out there suffers from anxiety i would sure appreciate some tips how I can help him and what I can do while we figure this all out. Thank you

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Our son was the same. On Prozac as well and went the counseling route. Your son is going to need some nudging to get him out and about. Our son's counselor started with having our son going to fast food places and ordering things on his own. First we'd stand with him at the counter while ordering. Then we progressed to us being in the restaurant and he'd order. Then we'd be in the car and he would go in and order. Not sure how old your son is but ours was 12 at the time. Ours eventually broke out of his shell and is thriving socially.

As for the school truancy, don't worry about it. Our counselor always said that our son's health and life was more important than school.

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