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Has anyone tried getting referred via their GP to a CMHT? I tired getting help via the crisis team but psychiatric liaison refused my referral and stated I should go via iapt. I called crisis again because I was in crisis and told to see GP and ask to be referred to CMHT. GP stated he could refer me but they don’t always look at referrals or refuse them so it would be better if I called IApt. I did this but it’s 6 weeks for an assessment- I’m traveling to the other side of my city to see someone next week. I’m suicidal everyday and feeling low and unable to cope with a physical and mental health illness. Anyone else had such trouble?

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i don’t know what GP to CMHT means i hear your pain but all i can say is don’t be suicidal it’s not a solution, we all have problems here but we can help support each other that’s why we signed up here to hear and learn from each other.


Thank you for responding GP is doctor CMHT is community mental health team. These are British terms so I was hoping if anyone else had similar experiences


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