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Good evening everyone.

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I got referred to this app by the Crisis Clinic. I was diagnosed about a year ago with Major Depression and General Anxiety Disorder. Lately it's been getting worse and I just don't know what else to do. I have a therapist now and she wants me to get medications but psychiatrists are so expensive. :/ I'm just at a low point in my life and don't have anyone else to turn to.

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Dear wWidowmaker,

I understand. I've been feeling anxious and crying alot that I'm anxious about getting anxious and depressed when I'm not! I feel for u and am sorry u r feeling the way u do. Is there anything that makes ur symptoms better? It's alot to swallow with any diagnosis but there are folks who understand. I've felt better writing to others on this forum or posting my own stuff. I hope it helps u too.

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I feel this way too and lately I've been struggling to sleep as I worry about being worried, which sounds crazy

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Yup, I felt that way all day. I work part time and my sister, who I live with, works full time and I hate to b alone. So I worried I might b anxious and do this crying crap that I've been doing a lot lately tomorrow . May b crazy but it happens unfortunately!

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I woke up one day and started crying and couldn't stop for two weeks. Went to emergency room and they gave me Zoloft. Changed mt Life.

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Your not crazy think postive thought it helps watching funny movies or listen to some mellow music i clean to get my mind off things

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I think thats are problem with sleeping are minds are still racing with thoughts

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Such a kind, understanding reply. You helped me too! Thank you. Krolik6 🤗

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That's great! I'm glad.

I would go to your regular GP to get medication if you have one or a clinic. Low dose of something will help, and then your mind will b clearer to start working on yourself . One good thing is to help others like volunteering , it takes u out of your own head for awhile😎😇

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I actually used to volunteer! Due to my new job tho, I had to stop. :(

Hi everyone. I'm a newbie also. Yes, I agree with MomBoss. Volunteering helps to deter your inner dialog and it feels good to help others.

You guys are so supportive! I'm really glad I joined this app. :)

I can relate to you. You start to feel hopeless and that you will never get any better, trust me I know. I just want you to know that things will get better eventually and you will get better like I did. It just takes time and commitment to want to be better. You have started by getting a therapist and now coming on this app for support, you are headed in the right direction. Don't give up.

I don't know about you but I have always reject pills because I heard of all the side effects, its hard to control depression and anxiety but one thing that was really helping was boxing classes, but unfortunately I had to stop going because of work hours but it was really helping me release some stress and anxiety. I hope you get better remember you can do it! your the only one with the power to change your whole life.

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