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Teen Anxiety

My 15 year old son is having anxiety attacks (at least that's what they seem to be) and we went to see his pediatrician. He seemed to think it is episodic and not chronic anxiety and depression and recommended a counselor, which we're doing next week. We have no idea what is triggering these things and he can't determine either. Any advice on how to support him?

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Just listen. Be understanding. Validate him and his feelings. Love him and make sure he knows the lines of communication are open without judgement. When he has a panic attack try to document it. Time, day, date. What his activities have been. What he has eaten. How it started. Duration. Etc. In doing this you can rule things out and notice triggers etc. I think therapy is an awesome idea. My son went to therapy. Just be aware they generally won’t tell you what they talk about. It’s one of the ways they can get them to talk. Also it takes time. So keep doing what you’re doing by loving and being supportive. It can get better. You could also encourage him to journal. Just do not break his trust if he does by reading it. I think when he comes to terms with things he will be able to talk to you more freely about them. I wish you the best of luck from one mom to another! ❤️ I’m not saying you don’t do these things by any means. I know you are an amazing mom because you are here. I’m just telling you things that helped my son.


Good for you for being proactive and getting your son to a counselor. As a teen that began seeing a counselor in HS honestly the best thing you can do to support your son IMO is just love him, be there for him, stay consistent with what the counselor advises and try maybe documenting/journaling any possible triggers that you may not be thinking are part of his daily routine. Maybe changes in diet, water consumption, general fitness, time spent on social media, added stress from school, testing, extracurricular activities, etc. this may not be a cause but a general assessment of his day may help pinpoint added stressors. I pray your son will be connected with an empathetic, knowledgeable counselor that can help your son learn what he can do to manage his anxiety. I teach high school kids and take time each class period to teach mindfulness and meditation for stress reduction.


I hope the councillor explains to you as well that teens brains are still finishing forming, and it's why teenagers are kind of moody and broody. Plus they are trying to figure out who they want to be when they grow up, it's a lot to deal with. But yes, of course they also can suffer from the same early symptoms many of us have. So for sure get professional help to narrow it down. I hope you all benefit from it, it's hard for a parent to see their child suffer, it breaks your heart, and leaves you feeling helpless as to what to do. Good for you that your doing the right thing, it will help you all hopefully know how to deal with it.


Dear CTLMom. Like your son I am also a young teen suffering from anxiety. I am a 14 year old girl. I totally get what your son is going through and I would be happy to talk to him about anything that he is going through so he feels he has someone his age to talk to.


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