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Good and Bad

so my parents are taking me to a hospital that will teach me how to deal with my anxiety because over the past 2 years it has gotten a lot worse to the point of missing 2 months of school missing out on extracurriculars and I would love finally have a way to cope with my anxiety but this is a 2 month programme and I would miss out on school and extracurriculars and I is stressing me out

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You have to weigh the pros and cons of going into the hospital program. You have already missed 2 months of school by not addressing the issue. By going into this 2 month program you will have a chance to change your future. I say go for it. I too have been in the hospital and it was the best decision I had made. Got me on my feet and pointed me in the right direction in overcoming my anxiety. I wish you well. Good Luck :) x


Hey Sly,

Good to hear from you again! Yeah, you know, this stuff is challenging. Sometimes being in a programme which allows you to focus a bit can be helpful.

I'll admit to you something though... I'm also trying to find a place where I can "retreat" for a while, to just focus on some of my stuff. When you are younger, there are a lot more options than there are for adults... it's also a lot easier to work on this stuff when you are younger (kid or teen) than it is as you get older... as time goes on, we develop more habits, and so there is more to "undo". So, going to a place where you can focus your energy on things *might* be useful.

At the same time, this has to be something that *you* want too. Not just a place your parents are "sending you". So, that's something to think about with yourself. Try to set aside FOMO... life is long enough that a couple months someplace is not gonna make you miss out on too much. Think instead about how this might help you to live a richer life, where your anxiety is not getting in your way... from what you said, yer already missing out on stuff... so if you can spend some time getting to the bottom of things, then you will be able to re-engage with your life in a more satisfying and joyful manner. This is the real trade-off to consider.

In any situation like you are considering or will be going to... a couple things to remember...

1. this is FOR YOU, so make sure you fully engage with the people there... both the counselors AND the other participants... you may just find some others who are in a similar place, and working things out together can be incredibly powerful. You make some deep new friends.

2. Be as open as you can... Sometimes we all feel ashamed or embarrassed about something... being open about these kinds of things can help you realize that other people feel the same way, and it's not something to feel shame about. They might share too! Be brave!! Releasing this stuff can also release you from some of the causes of your anxiety!

3. Advocate for yourself! You have already done a LOT of thinking about this, bring it with you and let the people there know what you know. Ask for what you need.

4. If something "feels weird" or doesn't seem "right" or "appropriate" let someone else there know... in other words, always look out for your own well being. Don't get bullied into stuff that you know violates your inner morals or standards for yourself. There are always many ways to work on problems... if something doesn't feel right, then work with people there to find another way.

5. Keep your eye on how you can take your learnings and experiences with you back to your life at home. Being in a residential situation can be very powerful and comforting, you can get a lot of stuff figured out. Being able to bring this stuff back to your life, long term, is the ultimate objective.

Always feel free to post here and ask anything that comes to your mind, or just share your thoughts and concerns. Always happy to talk it over and there are probably many people here who also have experiences they could share.

Be well, and stay in touch!


My teenage daughter went into the hospital for the first time last year because of severe anxiety after a breakdown. It really was the best worst thing that could have happened to/for her. She came out with more skills & confidence. She said that she knew she had to go in & knew that she needed help so she decided to take advantage of the help being offered. She went in for the second time a month ago. Theis time was a little different because she didn't have this sunny outlook that she had the first time. But ya know what? She came out glad that she went in again. She said the first time she went in & again the second time that while everyone on the "outside" says they understand how she feels, the people on the "inside" really do because they are there for the same reason. She said it is mostly so calm & quiet (& boring. Lol) that you don't have anything else to do but work on you without the distractions & stress of the outside world. Now, don't get me wrong, she doesn't want to be a "frequent flyer" but she did say it was a level of help that you just can't get all the time. She even made a few friends. She said that you wouldn't think so but most of the patients can actually be pretty nice. Our school has been great about getting her up to speed in school & on track for graduation. She does have to make a decision on what she wants to do for her classes now that she's back (she was gone for 4 weeks the 1st time & missed 1 month of school before being hospitalized for 5 weeks this time.). Honestly, once you are hospitalized the school can really work with you about grades & extracurriculars.

It really was a good thing for her. It helped her ground herself & refocus. She still has anxiety, but she needed that break from all of the outside stressors and the addition of regular therapy & groups to be able to regroup herself & change aome of her persectives. Good luck! I hope you end up looking at your time as a good thing for your well-being. :)


I think this sounds positive, anxiety causes all sorts of other symptoms, but I think you are lucky to have this opportunity, to really take your life forward xxx good luck, let us know how you get on, x


I know it feels like you might be missing out on stuff, but if your not feeling well, that's more important so that when you do get the help you need, you will enjoy those things much more.


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