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I have been living on my parents sofa for the past year getting 1-3 hours sleep every night my head permanently feels like someone is squeezing it I have severe depression and suicidal thoughts my family are toxic and make my mental health worse I'm unemployed have been for a long time due to my mental health I can't handle all the abuse i get off people because I'm transgender I don't even think anyone would hire me anymore I don't have any friends now either my life is brilliant...I now am struggling to even leave the house I tried to get help I went to the gp got referred to a mental health team told them I was suicidal and the guy looked and acted happy about it for some reason idk but i feel like he is in the wrong job... anyway they couldn't or just wouldn't help me.. I don't want to die.. but I feel as if this is my only option it wont get better it just gets worse I cant take it anymore the only reason I've been holding on is because I don't want to hurt my niece and nephew they are so young and I don't know how they would cope with losing a close family member but then again maybe it would be a good thing because when they grow up they'll just realise that my life is a joke I just don't know what to do I'm so lost and broken I don't know how to fix myself everyday is dragging out so much and my head really hurts I don't know if what I have typed makes any sense at all but I have been sleep deprived for ages and I can't change that until i get a job and my mental state isnt up for that I don't think i'd even be able to concentrate so looks like im doomed can anyone help me or just tell me what you would do if you was in this situation ?

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Jamie, I am so sorry life is so hard for you right now. It is not easy being transgendered and then to suffer depression and anxiety on top of it is just too much. I am glad you don't want to end your life and that you want to find some way of making things better. Have you considered going back to your gp and telling him or her what happened? Is there an appeal process associated with the mental health team that you saw or could you see a second team? Where have you found support/advocacy in the past for being a transgendered person? I know you feel that you don't have the energy to explore any other avenues than you already have. But is there something small you could do today?


Call the suicide prevention hotline 18002738255


So sorry you are in a lot of pain. Can you go see a different mental health team?


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