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Hugs to Stop the Madness

In the middle of my mild attack this morning, my bf gave me the biggest hug and just held me until I calmed down. I wouldn’t have been able to get out the door without that hug. I probably would have just quit my job today if that hug wasn’t there. It feels good to know that no matter what, I have found relief In human touch. It’s like I left my worries and fear on his chest. I still feel the anxiety but there are no tears and sweating right now.

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Oh I know how you feel, today as I’m at work but earlier this morning I wanted soooo badly to just walk out my job which is my career and just go home and curl into my bed. My anxiety was getting the best of me I leave way to early in the morning to get a hug from my bf and I live with him I’m out before the sun is even waking up to shine.

I know if I was with my mom that wouldn’t of been the issue at all.

I wish I was able to get a hug just to feel a little better like you.


Here’s a virtual hug 🤗. I know it’s not the same but I wanna pay it forward. You can bother me for a hug anytime.


There's nothing like a hug. Recently my psychiatrist was conveying ways I can share on the forum in helping someone when they are in the throws of anxiety. One way is to have them sit down, place your hands on their shoulders and press down firmly. It's a feeling of reality, of grounding that person and making them feel safe and secure by human touch. your bf did, a nice big hug :) xx


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