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Hugs to my friends💝


Thank you soooo very much for your kindness and caring hearts and being true friends!! I made it to paws and did ok. You all here on this site are the most caring, loving and truly supportive ppl I've ever met! I appreciate you all so very MUCH! I changed pics and put up a different pic I took a few days later. Makes me feel better I guess. Anyhoo, hope you all out there are having a wonderfully blessed day!!! Hugs and loves to you all😀💝😊😄✌

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Hugs to you!!!! So happy you are in better mood today, both pictures are great!!!

Hugs right back to you too😄 Your sweet. Thanks for your kindness nomorenews! You really do 🎸 ROCK!!!

Sweetness. Bless you for helping the pups, the loving and fuzzy pups!! You are SO beautiful. Don’t you see that? You are light. Every atom in you is spinning with life and hope! When any of us can step out of ourselves and help another, it is medicine for the soul. I’m in awe of the strength you have to go out and volunteer in the world for no money, out of the PURE LOVE that emanates from your heart. Don’t you see you are a hero? I’m so inspired by you. And you have no ego tied to it. I am sending you strength right now to KNOW your beauty. What you did today took GUTS and boldness and I admire you. Sending you love today and everyday you fabulous woman!!!

Wow strongheartforever!! You write such amazing things!! Love that!!!😄😄 As far as volunteering at PAWS, I only work Tuesdays like today. I stick mostly to the cleaning part due to lack of dog handling experience!! I just had a dog try to kill a little dog due to my mistake. I leave the dog handling to Sarah a girl I work with. Its still fun seeing the doggies. They are so very SWEET. So as you see no hero here!! I can only do the one day cause I'm trying to fight my agorophobia!! Little baby steps to get better I guess. Starting classes for CNA Oct 9th too. Freaking out but I just have to try my best. You my friend are so very beautiful at ❤. God bless you dear!!!

You downplay what you do because you’re selfless. Your honesty is like some sort of alien thing, it’s so real and refreshing. You are a good person. A good person who tortures herself. I do too. Many of us do. Please believe people when they praise you and be lifted by their love. It’s all we can do with these little black words on a screen.

Iv e been cursed by my honesty to a fault!! I used to be honest with my mother every time I relapsed on alcohol, told the treatment centers if I used alcohol or drugs and 2as honest when I told cops how much I drank. Its like am I this stupid cause I'm still learning honesty gets me in nothing but extreme trouble!! Sober 7 years thank God but they say all drunks and drug addicrazy lie well I wish I would have!!! Ppl torture me daily. Then I say what am I doing to be hated so much??? Just got back from the Dr and the receptionist barely answered my questions, Dr was kinda rude and mom never wants to be seen anywhere near me. I can't talk about it cause it will make me ball my eyes out!!!😥😭😭 I truly love the things you say like the others. It means so very much!!!

I’m so so sorry you have to deal with people who can’t reach out and embrace you because they’re stuck themselves. I’m kinda psychic and I see you being loved hard, down to your bones, by a wonderful man. This man is big and burly and he worships the ground you walk on.

Say what??? I don't even like men anymore! Not gay but I've been hit on, raped 7 times, touched and rubbed on uncomfortably for a few decades! I hate how men are! They completely disgust me!! Sorry but just how they treat me. With disrespect and I'm done with male whores who continue to use me and dump me like trash!! Nothing against you strongheartforever I'm just done with being disgusted by men. How's your day going???

I had a feeling of that too. And I’m so sorry you went through that. This man may be just a friend. His love will heal you. I’ve been glued to my phone all day, I work tonight. Actually I have to leave in a little over an hour so I gotta jump in the shower! Tuesday is my day to do whatever I want during the day and I choose YOU.

Lol silly!! I have no friends in real life. In person I know no one. It is what it is! Ppl continually judge me so I guess I'm not worth speaking too. So be it. Wouldn't want to know those horrific ppl anyways! Oh work time!😄😄 Ok have the best night at work! Thanks for your time strongheartforever!!💝 Your so SWEET and kind!! HUGS!!

Thanks sister! Your heart will open again. I just know it. Project out in front of you, just say, in your mind “open heart, open heart” and see what happens....

Open ❤ open ❤!!

That’s it!! I’m telling you, it’s magic. Love you.

Ill give it a shot! Love you sister!! 💝😊😄😀

There are still some wonderful men out there. Whoa, I am so sorry that all of this happened to you- I hope you continue to meet good people- men and women in life- you deserve this break!

Hoping to get a break but I just keep on truckin. Sad and depressed full of fear and anxiety but just don't know what else to do. The only nice ppl I meet are on here. Ppl are mean to me in person. Doesn't matter. Just have to accept life on life's terms. I just have no hope. Learn as I go! Trust no one!

Hey, you went to Paws , and I'll bet you met some nice people- like ones who stick their necks out for a cause- like YOU!

Can I get a hug here? Lol 😁, glad you feel good it's a great feeling!!!

Lol ok big bear hug!!!

Ouchhhh! Easy I'm fragile lol. 😋, But you can bear hug me anytime lol.

Absolutely! Huggin gently!!😊😄

Awwww that’s so great 💜

Hi MariaLove123! Hope your having a really great day!😀

Awww thanks beautiful! I love your new picture! ❤️😘

Lol I have way better pics but this will have to do. Hope you had a really great day!!

Super hugs

Big bear HUGS Michael!! How are u today?

You made it- so happy for you. I'll bet you met some great people and some truly wonderful animals! Would you like to tell more about your day?

This morning was ok. Cleaned out the kennels, fed and watered. Sarah my coworker gave meds and mopped. I bleached outdoor kennels and cleaned. Sarah does the dog handling since I'm not experienced yet. She's been there 7 months and used to the dogs. Since I let belle out the other day and Toto was shook so bad I decided I won't handle the dogs. Just so it will be safer for them. That dog fight freaked me out. Its a real full house atm. They are still puppy stage and others are still young. The super hyper ones are the border collie mixes. I'm loving our boy Hershey. He's hound and lab mix!! He's got that hound bark!! He's so gentle and loving. Cute as a button. Lots of great dogs just needing that loving home!! Anyhoo, yea I still love seeing and petting them all!!! Went to Dr which sucked but just needed refills and med adjustments.

Wow, that is a lot of hard work, and you are doing it out of the goodness of your soul. We do some volunteer /PR work for a rescue group when we can, and it is so rewarding! It sounds like you also have a nice co worker there. Dog fights can be scary , but you are learning. Again, clap your hands for yourself.

Oh that's really cool that you do that!!! It is rewarding just knowing all these jobs need to be done to get the dogs into their forever homes. That's the really great part! 6 pm is when paws closes so still half hour for adoptions!! I think I saw that belle got adopted!!! That's the dog who fought when I was there. I hope it happens for her! Paws is a pretty small, old and in ok shape but its got a lot of dogs right now!! Pray for them please!! Especially Bently!! He's our sweetheart but he's been there for soooo long.

BTW- both pictures are great- really and truly.

Well, so how has your day been dear gogogirl?? Hopefully it was great!! Let me know since I started rambling again. I'd ratherhear about your day!!!😄😄

So glad 👏👌💞

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