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Feel like a object

So I Started seeing this new guy , he was making me feel great and beautiful, but then all the sudden he started voiding me but they when we hang out as we have same mates, he then want to know me , I feel like I’m a object to him 🙄, he say it got things going on in his life . Which I understand we all got things going on but they way he going round it no great , he can’t just making me feel special and then next make me feel like his toy . I do really like him so I’m finding it hard what to do. He always giving mix Signal, I can see he going through hard time , I been there well I’m still going through one now I guess. He told me he like me but then he just said to me that He just enjoying the fun 😔that hurt like hell cause I don’t want just be someone just bit of fun. Just wish he be open to me and cause in my head I’m feeling like piece of shit 😔

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