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19 desperate to start a career

I’m 19, heartbroken and now a single mum desperately trying to start a career. I’m interested in anything in relating to policing, crime and law and have searched tirelessly for courses and apprenticeships in these fields but have been unlucky on my search. My dream would be to work in the National Crime Agency dealing with Major crimes (Serious crime analysts section) so I’ve also looked into the route of becoming a police officer first, to get in and work my way up. However, my daughter is very young and is not ready to be without me full time. As a result of this I think a course, training or some sort will be more beneficial for me until she turns 1. Please could someone offer me advice, help, experience, knowledge, contacts or anything else that will be useful. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH 💖 x

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Hi I assume that you have to see a lone parent advisor at your local jobcentre even if you haven't got to look for work yet? Why not ask them? I don't know if there is still funding for single parents to attend college or not but they would know. x


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