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Frustrated by claim decline from my private medical

Hi guys, I just wanted to vent my frustration this morning. I have been suffering with depression since my teens (am 36 now) and lately I have been thinking it may be partially down to a slow Thyroid. So I wanted to get it checked. The initial tests by my GP and a health screening through work, both showed low Thyroid function. My GP referred me to a specialist and I went to my private insurer to make the claim. This morning it was declined as a pre-existing condition because I had described some of the long list of symptoms being there since my teens. Other have come along recently and made me suspicious it could be the Thyroid. But now I won't be able to investigate it or potentially get treatment because I have had symptoms from long ago. Never pursued

the Thyroid option before. I am so disappointed in the system.

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Hi dragon tears how do they know its pre existing if youve not had a test to confirm or rule out a thyroid problem ! If there is no record of you seeking treatment for a thyroid problem and your doctor can back you up then ho back to your insurance company and ask how they came to the notion that the problem youve had is indeed thyroid linked if they cant ask them to reconsider there position or you may seek legal advice ! I pray that you can get the help you need take care david


Thanks David! Really appreciate the advice. I did actually call them back, after gathering my thoughts a bit, and asked them to clarify. Basically after me insisting of better clarification about 5 times, they said that in the GPs referral it states that I was already diagnosed with the thyroid issue, which it certainly does not. So they recommended for me to go back and have the GP re-write the referral so it is more clear. I called the surgery and they asked me to write an email, which I did, so fingers crossed my GP can help. He is not the best GP in the world and is a bit proud as a person so me demanding him to re-do work, may trigger defence with him. Well, I'll handle that when we come to it. For now at least, there is still a sliver of hope. I am already exhausted today from all this, it is the worst when your whole condition is that you cannot deal with stuff...and you are made to insist and organise. it's ironic really. Thanks for the support :)


Great glad something should happen soon ! See when you ask for the gp to rewrite the referral ask to see it before its seen by the insurer. If you in the uk a gp cant stop you seeing any letter they have been asked for point this out to your gp because if hes going to change his referral to allow for the mistake weither its the doctor or the insurers another thing is ask the insurers for a copy of the gp referal letter they say stated you had thyroid problem ! Hope fully you will find is somewhere along the line someones made a mistake its just getting them to admit it ! I wish you all the best and hope everything works out for you !

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