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New here

Hi everyone

I am new here and just looking for others to share the journey and fears of living with anxiety. I have had ocd and anxiety disorders for my entire life. I have been very successful and been able to manage it fairly well.... but then every once in a while it breaks through and is borderline crippling. When this happens I feel hopeless, helpless and scared. It normally just comes out of the blue and then I just can’t get centered. It feels like I am not in my body and my mind is fuzzy. Can anyone relate?

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Welcome here, you will find so much support. I sometimes have anxiety but it is being developed by my depression which is the hardest in my life.

Hope you can find solutions and feel better


Yes. ‘disreality’ is the scariest thing ever. It feels like the whole world is about to explode. I am have been suffering for 3years and found this group over the weekend. This condition sucks.


Hi poetgirl. I am also new here and already love it. This forum is full of supportive, thoughtful, and intelligent people. I don't have any experience with depression, but have suffered with anxiety for years. I have also handled it (hidden it?) well for many years, but had horrible downward spirals on occasion that leave me wracked with fear. I get the fuzzy mind and even blurry vision when I have mini panic attacks that flood my body with toxins and then take 1-3 days to flush out. It is a horrible feeling. ☹️ Sometimes the downward spirals were caused by triggering events (a new job with a horrible boss) or my meds needing adjustment. I don't know if you can try to pinpoint your trigger, but I can tell you that you are NOT alone. Hang in there and be kind to yourself. ❤️

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Interesting. MyMeanMind, could you share more about panic attacks flooding our bodies with toxins.


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