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Hi, I've been struggling with anxiety since I was very young. Coupled with my Asperger's Syndrome, it makes things unbearable at times, especially in the past few months. There have been a lot of changes lately, including a med change that is not working, my grandmother passing away, my family's house being sold, and having to move back after my first year of college. I am overwhelmed with all of the changes as well as my anxiety, especially since our new house fell through due to problems with the house. Now we are going to be staying at our seasonal camper, but that just makes things even worse because camping and being outside in a buggy area makes my anxiety worse, and there is no privacy. My parents are so overwhelmed with the move that they are not able to be as supportive as they usually are, and are nagging me to make sure I am packed. No treatments have worked to manage my anxiety long term, so I just feel hopeless and like there is nothing else to try. I want to try to get an anxiety service dog, but unfortunately that is not possible right now because of the move. Any suggestions?

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  • Well welcome. I too have had anxiety and depression.

  • Your story sounds much like mine. Some differences, but I am also struggling with a move. I'm moving back home with my mom and step dad and this on top of everything else stressful in my life has me feeling more worthless than I already do on a regular basis.

  • I also suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I've been looking for ways to cope as well but its hard! I recently had to be taken off my meds completely so I know how you feel with change. I have been looking into meditating and listening to music but the most helpful so far is writing or even typing in a "diary" that has helped.

  • I don't have any experience with Asperger's syndrome so can't speak much to that.

    it already seems you have so much on your plate that needs to be handled -- all anxiety inducing situations that you will need to work on.

    Why don't you take it easy on yourself instead?

    Try processing each "crisis" one at a time, no matter how fast they keep coming at you. By process, I mean working on the details of it and doing work to get your mind to either come up with a best possible solution that will leave you less anxious, or to accept whatever the outcome was from that storm.

    When I find myself going through a storm, I try to get my mind to a place where i am able to pick one issue to focus on, no matter how many others there are and how overwhelmed I may already be at that point by it all. I then work using selftherapy to try to get myself to a point of peace with each of the issues. By doing that, i am able to get my anxiety under control ( GAD is an exception).

    Give yourself all the time you can to accomplish this cause this isn't easy at all.

  • Maroon5, it does sound overwhelming and that can truly flare up the anxiety. I felt that way in the fall. It took a little time but it's not as bad now. Talk to your Dr. For a new Med . Do you have a therapist to tak to? It's really helpful. Take it slow. One thing at a time. God blessLD

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