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Hello, I am new to the site. I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety and am weary to see a professional or to be put on medication. I thought having support could really help. Anxiety is a new feeling to me. I was in a relationship a couple years ago and thought "he was the one." We had all these future plans together and I thought things were great. Then, out of nowhere he broke up with me. I didn't realize I had anxiety until I got in my next relationship. Now, I think because of that past relationship, I'm insecure. I know that I have irrational thoughts. I know I over think and over analyze things and create problems out of nothing. I worry that something is wrong when I have no reason to think that, and then something is wrong because I've created this problem. My boyfriend has also struggled with anxiety, so he is understanding and will reassure me, but I know it takes a toll on him and I can feel my anxiety putting a strain on our relationship. He's never given me a reason not to trust him. I should be more confident in our relationship. Reassuring me all the time has to be annoying. I feel like my anxiety is going to push him away and cause exactly what I'm afraid of, him leaving. I don't know how to control my thoughts. Even though I know they're irrational, they seem to take control of me. I hate not feeling in control.

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Why not ask around about a good psychiatrist and then make an appointment and tell him or her what you've written here? Then see what he/she says about it. Maybe you need to try a medicine or maybe you need counseling only. But a psychiatrist is trained in diagnosing these things. You can ask any doctor you go to for a recommendation and also have your friends and family ask theirs. Also look online. Read the reviews. It can't hurt and you will have more information than you have now.

You definitely seem to need some help. I have GAD--generalized anxiety disorder--and I need to take anti-anxiety medicine to normalize my anxiety and function normally but I'm grateful there's an answer for me. I definitely do know what it's like to have abnormal amounts of anxiety and to not feel in control. I hope you can quickly get back into control of yours.


I think you told me in one of my posts ... what Anti-anxiety med are you taking? I have an appointment March 13th. Can't wait for it to get here. I've been tackling only my depression for years and seeing this site gives me hope that an additional med will help with my un-diagnosed anxiety.

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I've had to be on benzodiazepines. 1st was Tranxene/clorazepate for about 15 years and last is Klonopin/clonazepam for about 14 years. I think it wasn't known at the time I was started on them that after many years it's possible to get gaps in short and long term memory. I have them but my Dad doesn't. So it's not a sure thing. There are non-benzo drugs to select from also. I'm sure you and your Dr. can find the right one for you.


I said no to med for many years and I honestly feel it prolonged the suffering it's not the only answer but it's something to consider


Well not to be brash ... but not doing anything will never help you. It's hard to go get help, but I can honestly say that it has helped me.


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