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I really really need help

Okay I don't know what's happening but I need insight ASAP. The past week I've been anxious to the point of being unable to even move or stand after sitting for awhile, and I can barely eat or drink. But it's odd, normally anxiety manifests as nausea but I haven't had as much as normal, but the anxiety now is making me physically weak- I've been collapsing and fainting a LOT and my flashbacks from my PTSD are a lot more severe and common. I don't know what to do- I want to go to the hospital but I don't know even what to tell them.

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Tell them what you told us just now. So that they can give you a proper diagnosis and medication. Praying for you!


onelittlerose, because of the flashbacks getting worse (for what ever reason) you need to see your doctor ASAP. Being to the point of collapsing and fainting must be addressed. Wishing you well, please seek help. xx


Hi little Rose,

You should go to your GP and tell them exactly what you have written here. Ask them to refer you to the right person to deal withyour problems.

Try to stay positive❤️


Honey am so sorry for what you are going through. Listen to your body it is trying to tell you something, go seek professional help. Tell them what you just told us.


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