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The Point of No Return

How do you know when your house has reached the point of no return?? When it is SO BAD that you just don't even want to try anymore? Too much stuff-NO PLACE to put it and definitely have a need for it. Totally unorganized. Can't find anything. A MESS. I was forced to move into this tiny space nearly 2 years ago. I have a whole ton of stuff in storage,. I just have too much of EVERYTHING to find a home for everything. I work from home so have home stuff and work stuff here. I won't even mention the paper clutter. I'd need 6 months just to go through everything. It got this bad because of the move-too much stuff-too little space. I can't move out right now. I own the house and have to stay here til I retire. I'm at a loss. This place DEFINITELY contributes to my depression and anxiety.

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Try to not be so hard on yourself. I have a similar situation going on in my office/bedroom. In fact, what you describe sounds exactly like what have going on. I have boxes full of stuff in my basement (both personal and work things) and a huge mess where my professional and personal life intersect in the master bedroom/office. Clothes and other personal items everywhere; boxes of things from my job (I was laid off in July) piled up; and clutter everywhere (to be honest it makes me anxious thinking about it). I got new furniture in October of 2016 and promised myself and my spouse I would clean up the mess (hence the boxes). I never completely cleaned and I have let the clutter pile back up.

Your best bet for getting it into some kind is order (in my opinion) is to just start with one small area or pile and go through that — I have the most success when I do that. However, I have fallen behind as my life (and anxiety and depression) puts decluttering and putting things away on the bottom of my priority list.

My biggest thing is just to make sure all dishes end up in the sink (and eventually washed) and garbage thrown out. The clutter and laundry ... well I still think I will get to it (some of the things have been in boxes when I turned my office into a nursery and my son is 14).

Be kind to yourself. The mess did not appear in a day or two and I think it will take time to go through things and get rid of it.

I agree that you will feel better when you clean things up because my spouse (who had been understanding) says the same to me. I feel better with a little progress too. I think that is a realistic goal. I would start with the papers. Get a bunch of file folders and try to organize that (and I highly suggest recycling some stuff). Do you have a computer? Maybe get an external hard drive and put copies of things — you can take photos of items with your phone if you have that capability — there to allow you to get rid of some of the paper. Just a few suggestions. Hang in there.


Thank you Westy for responding. The trick is to also try to handle the papers and clutter that accumulate on a daily basis, PLUS tackle the old clutter. See-I hate for things to move slowly. When I work hard at something, I want to see an instant transformation! I know it doesn't work like that. Still in all, there is just NO space for things. Oh and handling the things that you just don't know WHAT to do with-throw, donate or keep, always trips me up, so whatever it is, just sits there.

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Honey don’t be hard on yourself; whenever I go through a depressive/anxious period in my life my closet room becomes a mess. When I say mess I mean a hurricane hit it and I have to sit on the floor to pick out clothes to wear. I have my own closet room, my hubby has his. But he is been bugging me lately about my closet room to which I said I will get to it when I am ready to get to it. I would suggest you start with small areas and then move to bigger and then bigger areas or if u could afford it have some maids/helpers assist you

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Thank you Tashalyn. I could never have anyone help me. I like to go through everything slowly and methodically. I have the time on the weekends, especially since I live alone, but weekends come and all I want to do is sleep late and procrastinate. Procrastination is a killer for me!


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