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Does anyone else get this?!

Last year I went to neurology because I would get finger twitching in pinky and ring finger and some tingling and it was partial possibility carpal tunnel and anxiety. Now a year later it happens occasionally and I'm afraid of ALS OR PD. So I called neuro and told him it's also pain in radius, I am a hair designer over 35 years. He had a conversation over the phone and said at worst carpal tunnel or nerve compression. Worried it other things.

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This is too funny. I refreshed the forum page while I'm looking at my ring finger and it's been twitching and going crazy all day and I'm sitting here like uh... what is going on? Seeing as though I have severe health anxiety my guess for both of us is that it's definitely anxiety playing tricks on us. Stress can make our bodies have weird reactions. If it isn't stress, carpel tunnel or nerve compression would make complete logical sense given your work history. Try to trust your neurologist. And try not to stress about the symptom(s) too much, I'm sure we are both okay! Take care xx

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lol I checked my daughters hand and it does it and so does my husbands . I get bad health anxiety too.

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