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What does derealization feel like to you

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What do you exactly experience

I want to know if what am experiencing is derealization or something more serious

Whenever I try to explain it to my therapist I can’t exactly put it into words

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I turn into a child. I get very immature. I guess going back to before the bad stuff. Have you tried looking it up online? That may help you find the terminology you are looking for to explain things. It’s like I’m not myself. I just escape and am not in the present yet I’m in the room. Just not the same one having problems almost.

Also when something bad happens at home I immediately start saying “I want to go home” Actually I say that anywhere I am if I get too stressed. It’s odd but that happens. I’m not sure exactly what any of that’s called but it’s not real.

I turn into a child like state I talk different I sound different act different I’m diagnosed with depersonalisation and derelisation sometimes things loose there purpose like a name a thing doesn’t match its name or look right it losess it’s meaning sorry I’m not too good at explaining either but that’s sort of it for me or I feel like I become a cartoon like I’m not real like I’m going to fail away into nothing sounds strange but I start to believe it then it gets worse I can stay in these states for minutes or months at a time it’s scary as gets worse if I keep thinking about it so always gotta tell myself I a real and life is real so on hope that helps x

Mine varies all the time, but for example today am sitting with my in laws I would look at them and wonder in my head if they are real, or if am the only real existence and they are just by products of my imagination. Same happened when I went later on in the day to visit my family I was looking at my nephews who I love to death and started wondering how strange it is that they came into life and where were they before? Things don’t feel tangible in a way. I look around and I feel like seriously this is life? And I have to do this everyday? And then I feel like I just want to go home and lay down between the sheets.

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I’m like this. I would stare at them and for a couple of second they will look unfamiliar. But I kinda got used to it now. The more you think about it, the more it will get worse.

This sounds exactly like me that’s freaky I thought I was alone

Me too! I thought I was going crazy 😂

Hey.....I'm confused because i daydream all the time....you know like I'm constantly living a imaginary life in my head. Is that what it is? Or something different? I will cry and laugh out loud but it is all from living inside my mind. What is that?

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Yeap! Sounds like deralization

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Thank you i thought so......i had this since....a kid i think.....is that bad because it happens 24/7 and it's constant and there are times when i feel i can't make it stop.

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Let it pass. I know it easier said than done, but trust me. It cannot harm you. The first time it happened to me I thought that I was losing it and there’s no way to stop it. But it did. It still happens from time to time but I know it’s just part of anxiety. And it’s part of me.

100% I thought I was the only person like this until I saw a physiatrist and a phycologist then they diagnosed me and everything started to change from there now I know what it is now I can tell the difference when I’m in a state and when I’m not I know how to snap myself out of it more now than before it was so bad would last for ages cause I kept thinking about it the trick is not to think about it 100% it’s the only way and don’t let yourself get board gotta keep doing things to distract yourself that’s what I know 😇

What were you diagnosed withv

Depersonalisation derealizatin ptsd sever depression and phcosis episodes

Thank you for sharing!

That’s ok thanks for reading ❤️

Wishing you all the best! :)

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