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What does it mean to feel like you are enough?

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I hear often that society makes us feel like we are never enough and we need to get this or that or change something to be ok. But what does it mean to truly feel like you are enough? Does it mean you stop looking outside for acceptance and validation? I struggle with accepting and loving myself and I think believing I am enough will help with that.

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Here's my opinion: Focus on something that makes you happy, that gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, that you are truly interested in. That "something" will be different for everyone, and there is no point in comparing your life to others if you are content with what you're doing. When you look for validation or approval from others,

you are unconsciously making them superior to you. This is nonsense. Why do you need anyone else's approval to live your own life? They're all busy living their lives, so just concern yourself with living yours.

Yes, I think that you have got it. Control only oneself, and contentment is possible.

Interesting post; got my attention right away. So glad to hear you're going to be believing you are enough from now on!! Go for it!!!

I like to think that we are all unique individuals beautifully and wondrously made; that imitating someone else to excess can lead to being a virtual duplicate of that person and therefore unnecessary. We need individuals who aren't afraid to BE individual and unique; it's what makes us all interesting. And I totally agree with developing the gifts and skills we each are given; it makes you a very happy person and a positive contributor to the rest of us and society!

We must shake off any negative comments about our own individuality as coming from insecure or simply uncreative minds.

Hugs, Love, and Blessings...

if I am good with God I don't care what society thinks

Me too!! I love him so much!! he brings me joy no matter my circumstances.

I stopped listening a long time ago..... I am never going to be a great beauty, but I am pleasant looking and have a kind face. I'm never going to have my beautiful 20 year old body....I'm in my mid sixties and have made peace that as long as I am healthy, that's good enough... and even though everything in my life is not perfect, who's is really...and for me....it's good enough. I cannot compare myself to fairytale's or air brushed photos....My life is simple and as I like it.....I don't care what anyone else does or things....I'm happisher now....

My advice.... do what makes you happy and never compare yourself to someone else, find your own path to happiness.....and most of what you find which has any real value is free, the unconditional love of a pet, of a lover, an ocean's waves....clouds in the sky, a childs laugh....a friends smile... all non materialistic gifts.

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This is very true. I keep a gratitude journal to remind myself of the little things I'm thankful for. Like shelter, hot water, and a bed to sleep on. It's easy to take these things for granted while other people would love to have these things.

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I think meaning to feel like you’re enough is that despite all of our flaws, because we are imperfect beings, is believing that we are worthy. We are worthy of an incredible life. I’ve struggled with my weight for majority of my teenage & young adulthood. I’ve struggled with relationships & thinking that I was never enough for a man, because the person I was with wouldn’t stop cheating on me or hurting me physically, mentally, emotionally. I think meaning you’re enough is that despite all of that, you can fall asleep knowing you’re worthy of something more. Better than what you’ve gotten before. I think it means to really love yourself in spite of everything that society tries to tell you that you shouldn’t. 💖

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Well said!!

Do the things that make you happy, live simply love truly, and know that unless you are harming another individual then you ARE ENOUGH AS YOU ARE x

Thank you so much, everyone, for giving me such true advice. The thing is, with me advice seems to backfire a lot of the times. I have an obsessive mind and I read the comments over and over. I stress out, worry if I'm doing the right thing. I don't think I have OCD, but I am obsessive. My therapist says that I myself almost always know the answers so I just need to look inward. Who really knows what is right or wrong, I guess if I feel good it's fine. I really do appreciate your comments. You all speak very truly and from your heart, which inspires others to do so too. Hope everyone has a good day.

I think that everyone's definition may be a little different. I don't think there is an actual physical measurement that says you've reached "enough". It's more of a personal accomplishment, and what gets us there may be different for each person. I do believe that when you reach that point in your life, you are confident of yourself and have stopped comparing your life with everyone else's. You're no longer measuring your life against others. You are satisfied with your life. I think everyone struggles with acceptance and self-love at some point in their lives. Remember, you are special and unique and you ARE ENOUGH! :)

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