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I’m so worried

In November, my doctors discovered a tumor in my thyroid, and a rather big one. After a biopsy I was told it wasn’t cancerous (huge sigh of relief) and that we need to monitor it and to ultrasounds and other tests every six months to see if it has changed.

Even though it isn’t cancerous, it causes a lot of unfortunate symptoms. I’ve started to snore because it partially blocks my airway, and sometimes I choke when I’m eating because my esophagus is blocked.

Now, my voice has begun to get hoarse. It’s getting to the point where trying to speak at a normal volume is excruciatingly painful. I’m worried that my tumor has grown. I know there are a lot of other reasons that my voice could be hoarse, but the pain is unbearable and I have to practically whisper.

My doctor brushes off the seriousness of it. My OBGYN actually found the tumor, not my primary care doctor but because she’s PCP she gets to run the show. I went in to talk to her and she glanced at my throat and said “if it gets worse come back.” But what if getting worse means completely blocking my airway?

It’s just caused so much anxiety these past few months and contributed to my mental break earlier this week. The surgery if it’s needed it so dangerous... I’m not sure if this is something that belongs on this forum so feel free to remove it! Thanks guys.

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Wow, do they really need for it to get worse before taking action? I suggest you find yourself another doctor that will take your concerns seriously.


Apparently. I’m on Medicare so it’s not an easy process finding a new doctor. But if I do get worse and she still does nothing, I think it will be time to switch.


It’s just so frustrating not being able to talk normally. I ordered a sandwich at a shop last night and the guy had to lean almost all the way over the counter to hear me... not to mention I’m in university and can’t participate in classes anymore because no one can hear me.


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