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How do i overcome this


I do not and am not willing to take medication so i was thinking this site will help with this depression that hits me like a train. Any recommendations?

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It’s completely your decision and your choice as to whether you choose to take / not take medication. I applaud you for that decision. I will say I was adamant that I wouldn’t take medication, but things got too much in the end and I ended up taking and am still taking it. There are days I just want to throw it in the bin and hate myself for being this way and at this point, but I continue to take it, because I believe it is helping. I will suggest that you need someone to talk to and rely on, on those bad days if you choose to not take medication. I find talking helps.

Dont rule out medication my dad takes medication for his heart why would mental health be any different. But if that's your choice i think you will get help here. Plenty magnesium and omega 3 in your diet is supposed to help.

Hello, when I was reluctant to take med's and felt "well" again I weaned myself off of it. Big mistake, not long before the depression came crashing back. One problem is the stigma of "Mental Health" - we all have mental health of some sort. My Dr. challenged me - smart lady, "would you take your insulin if you were diabetic, medicine for your heart if you needed it?" I said Yes, she told me this was no different, the brain needs it, I have been on it for 30 years, it keeps me sane and happy. So please do as you wish, but you could save yourself a lot of suffering. My brain is faulty and has been since birth as far as my research tells me, but it is not my fault. And they are learning so much more about the brain, the chemicals it needs and the neurotransmitters and how to get them to function in an orderly fashion. A lot of people are saved from suffering over 44,000.00 million with anxiety, over 22,000.00 million with depression and other illnesses (only part of them get the reprieve because they refuse help) .I know all drugs do not suit all people and one has to allow time for them to build up, but if they do, the relief is wonderful. Right now I am in an awful anxiety, depression with Bi-polar !! episode, and we are trying different drugs, I pray each day to let me have myself back There are some good books out there to read, lots of stuff on the internet. I bought some Chamomile tea last week with vanilla and honey, it is calming. Simonn mentioned Omega 3, also add B-complex. Folic Acid, B12 sublingual, and in the winter (short days) Vit D. Hope our words help you. I send good health, love & hugs. Sprinkle 1

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Thank you for your advice and reply. Funny i just bought that same tea yesterday and will stop drinking coffee.

I don't take meds..

Are you religious? Are you active? Do you have friends? Do you have a job outside of the home? Do you have any hobbies? Just checking so I know where to direct any suggestions I might have.

Sunny2019 in reply to RobiBerkim

I am a Christian,a bit active and no to the rest

Ah meds. They are a pain to get used to and we all tend to take ourselves off them improperly. That just causes more pain and anxiety and depression.

I will be the first to tell you that I LOVE my medication. LOVE it. Heck my doc could probably slip me a placebo and I would still do well because I have such faith in the power of it.

For me it works. Not everyone gets that comfort.

You can’t go it alone, though. You need people to be your community and support you, who you support back. You also get great tools from seeing a therapist. Someone who can teach you how to deal with it all and help you set goals.

Just don’t try it alone. You are too important to go it alone.

Good evening. What I have told people and I really believe this applies to many cases, but NOT ALL cases of anxiety and depression, is yes, you can do it without meds, BUT (!) you will have to be 100% committed to your mental health. No letting your diet, exercise, counseling, social interaction slip into the, “ I am too anxious/depressed to do thus and so.” It is beautiful if you can do it and it can be done, but it is full time until you get well and stay well for a very long time. Then you can “ease up” a bit as you move further and further away from your triggers and struggles.

I absolutely have fought meds! And still fight itbdown to the tiniest dose I need to augment LOTS of exercise, fatty acids, D, therapy, gratitude, my faith life, and a pretty clean diet and I try to get good sleep——this is a problem fir me——😫

Sprinkle1 and I have similar replies🤗 I hope it helps!

Absolutely every day, read a scripture, first thing in the morning, with a glass of oj. Learn yoga, do even just 5 to 6 positions every morning can be very beneficial. Then make your bed, take a shower, and get fully dressed, including shoes. All of the above will set the tone for the day. (totally not assuming that you don't, just covering all bases)

Walk around the house and look for small things to acheive. Straighten a table, water a plant, move a knick-knack to a new location, change a picture in a picture frame, etc. Pick 4 things every day. (Don't know if kids or spouse are in picture, but 4 things need to be something you chose, not a family member)(cleaning is not one of the 4 things)

Throughout your day and especially at night, most importantly before bed, avoid high anxiety tv (if you watch) such as news, talk shows, and avoid high anxiety music (if you listen) loud hard music, such as head banging, hard rock, anything strong, loud, and high strung, and the like.

In the afternoon take 5 to 10 minutes to listen to music (soft music) while watching life happen outside a window with a hot tea. Concentrate on what you are watching, try to avoid mind wander.

In the evening think of 3 questions that need an answer, such as, I wonder how my town got it's name, I wonder how many mountains there are in USA that are over 5000 ft, I wonder how many athletes there are in the world, then search and seek answers. And read about the answers you find.

Do these everyday, or as close to everyday as you can. Your personal strength will get stronger. (unknown how long, for me it took 2 to 3 months to gain strength, and still going well 2.5 yrs later) Once there, find a hobby, doesn't matter what, but a free one is best suited at the beginning. Like collecting odd shape rocks, or leaves, or ink pens from businesses. This will become fun, give it a try. Do this for several months, the search is the main focus.

Once mastered, you can move to an inclusive hobby. Like joining a book club, a craft class, a school class, a garden club, etc. Thus leading to fullfilling an achievement AND making friends. Once there, you will have a full support group.

Please though, I am not a doctor, so please do not let yourself suffer if none of the advice on this site is helping you, and seek help.

I wish you well, and send high hopes your way. Good luck and good fortune!

Sunny2019 in reply to RobiBerkim

Thank you for taking the time to guide me. Yes I have my son and my boyfriend and I keep my household functioning but sometimes I want to feel more than OK. I will take the advice and try some of those things. I will start collecting something, how about shoes?😊Again I appreciate the advice and responce. I definitely need to start praying again.

Sunny2019 in reply to RobiBerkim

Maybe even start reading 😃

Vitamin D and sunshine are also important.

I try to get out and walk in nature, even if only for a few minutes. I also try to occupy my time with something that I can be completely immersed in. For me, it's music but it could be cooking, art, archery anything that you can get lost in. When you are very depressed, you have to force yourself to do them, but over time, they become a living meditation and a safe harbor from fear. Of course, this is all easier said than done. I struggle with it every day.

Oh, I also take some meds. I feel like life is short. It's not a contest and with the world going the way it's going, we have every right just for some relief. It works for me but I respect and honor your decision.

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