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It sucks to be in a relationship and still feel alone. Wanting more time with the person you are with seems like a good thing but I guess I’m wrong. Two days a week does not seem enough when you are engaged to someone. I shouldn’t have to beg for attention. I’m not a perfect size and I’m not beautiful and I might not ever find someone else who loves me but I shouldn’t be alone so much in a relationship. I shouldn’t spend holidays and my birthday alone. It’s embarrassing always making excuses why he’s not there during times that you are suppose to be with the ones you love. Tomorrow is my birthday and nothing is planned not a gift not even a simple dinner cooked for me or flowers. His time would just be enough but again I will spend it by myself. It’s hard to think about breaking things off I can’t find away to make that choice. I’m so lost and lonely.

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It sounds like your fiance isn't fulfilling your needs. You do not want to tie yourself to that kind of person. If, however, you think your fiance is just oblivious to how much its hurting you and you think he would be receptive to talking about it then you can always start there. If he isn't receptive or won't talk about it at all then you have your answer. No one wants to be alone, but what he's doing isn't much better than being alone. If you want to message privately I will tell you more about myself and my husband and how long it took us to communicate better and understand each others' needs. Hope this helps. And know this you are not alone...


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