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I’m a divorced 56-year-old woman who has been dealing with depression, dysthymia, and anxiety for most of my life. I never had support from my family or ex-husband. Many friends gave up on me and vanished. My two daughters don’t want to hear about it. I have a couple of supportive friends, but they are often busy with their jobs, family, and other friends. I feel so alone, and when I am in a bad depressive state. It’s hard to hold on. It’s so hard to talk about it to people who have never experienced depression and anxiety.

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I totally agree 100%. if someone has never being an extremely bad depressive state they will not understand the pain you’re in and the support you so desperately need. im facing somewhat of the same situation. people just keep telling me to suck it up or ignoring what i am facing altogether including those closest to me. i am always lonely and feel very alone. i hope things get better and you find a reliable support system that you can lean on during those difficult times.

Thank you!

Keleanners, I am glad you found us. It is difficult for most people to

feel the pain of depression and anxiety. This amazing forum is meant

to support and understand because we care. xx

I too often feel very lonely when I'm anxious and/or depressed. My dad (who has experienced depression) always reminds me of the metaphor of wearing dark glasses: the world is not as dark as it seems to you right now, and you are probably not as alone as you feel right now.

The best we can do for ourselves is try to be aware of the dark glasses, and not be too bluffed by them while they're on. I know from experience that's harder than it sounds though.

Please STOP taking to friends and family about what your going through. They don't understand what your going through. That's what happened to me. So I pretend everything's fine. Get into counciling, then hopefully you can repair those relationships. And don't talk about counciling if you go.

I have beat my family up trying to get them to understand me. You are so right. Counseling is the only place or safe sites like this are the best place to talk about it.

Talking with my family only upsets them.

Yea that's too bad, and this can only make your anxiety WORSE. Here we won't judge because we know what your going through.

My daughter and son don't want to hear about it either. For years i helped my daughter and now that she's better she wants to pretend its all good and doesn't want me to talk about the depression or domestic violence. Its really hard. Going to the library or just outside helps. Going to church helps too. I wish u well. Take care

I too feel ur case quite similar 2 mine...no1 will actually understand what we go through..they wil try to say many things and give advice which wil irritate u to the core...i also try solving my prob myself..coz u r ur best solution...u knw wt ur prob is...talkng 2 da right person wud help..or else its best 2 nt share it with ny1 n every1...all da best...

Yes I know it's hard. For me it's my mother who's 87 and doesn't believe in depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychologist nor therapists. I am in my very strange world by myself and live with her.

Keleanners in reply to Jcdonly

Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry too. It’s a very rough life going through it alone

Hi I’m 57 lonely is me😢🎈 praying for you friend

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