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Out of Control

I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since I was about 13. Every medication has been tried and every diagnosis has been put in my chart. I have days where I feel amazing, I want to conquer the world! But more days then not I want to lock myself in my house and not come out. I want to curl up on the couch and cry, and I spend the whole day with out of control anxiety. Those days, I feel like I can’t breathe, my hearts in my throat , racing thoughts and I just can’t get control of it.

It’s been going on so long I just don’t have any answers on controlling it. Seen many therapists that never helped to get it under control. I have two beautiful kids now and I want to be a better mom to them and get this under control. HELP!!

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I know exactly how you feel.


Everyone thinks I just need to get control of it. Just breathe. If that worked trust me I would do it 😩


I dont want to sound cliche' and say i know how you feel but you really described word for word how i feel. I don't know your situation so its hard to give any sort of advice that's specific to you but heres the best advice that i have that i wish someone had told me at some point in my life and really the only things thats made me feel better in the last couple years.

One of the hardest parts about having depression is the way its hurt my self esteem. For years i just felt like i didn't belong in this worlds cause i'd watch people have fun and enjoy life and feel like i was just watching it through a window. I'd really distance myself from people cause i was afraid they'd see the real me and be like what's wrong with this guy? I really hated the fact that i was someone with depression and couldn't control it

So my advice to you is to not beat yourself up while your down and feel inferior or less of a person. There's nothing wrong with you as a person for feeling the way you do. When i have those ups where i feel i can do anything, i remind myself that eventually i'm gonna have those feelings again and its ok. I think of it like a birth mark. Its's just something i have. I don't mean to say this as attempt to fix all your problems but just something to think about. The little things can make the biggest difference in life. I hope this helps.

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