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New here. Where to start?


Hey, I am a woman in my 50s and for the last 8 weeks (but never before in my life), I've had these random episodes of dread. The first time, I was sitting on the couch eating a banana. It had never happened before and it really freaked me out. Was it a sign that something really bad was actually going to happen? Am I having a neurological issue? A mental health issue? It has escalated to 3-5 episodes almost daily. I've tried visualization and prayer, and I looked into seeing someone locally, but I live on the big island of Hawaii there were no results found in the provider directory for my area. Do doctors or coaches ever treat over the internet for this? I am an internet entrepreneur and live life full out mostly, except when I am living in fear of having another episode of dread, flushing, cold sweat fear. Not fun.

If you were me, what would you do?

Thank you!!!

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I hope you don't mind me asking? could it be menopausal symptoms?

Rose__21 in reply to deborah27

Or the age you’re at, it could be what some people call, a “mid-life crisis.” Though, I’m not exactly sure what a mid-life crisis really is

jllanguille in reply to Rose__21

Yeah, it's just that I am at a pretty happy place in my life. We live on the water in Hawaii, and I have a good business. It IS stressful at times, but I know we're very blessed and I am pretty happy.

How would you fix it if it were a mid-life crisis?

I can't have a "nervous breakdown" like the women of my mother's generation and having an affair with some young "Jason" ... totally not my style.

Are there "fixes" for this or just approaches to "manage" it and where would I find that?

Yeah it totally could be menopause, although I surgically ended that chapter a decade ago, but mother nature can be troublesome that way.

If it was a menopausal symptom, how do I fix it?

This happened to me a few months after I turned 60. It has been quite a ride. The first thing I did was find a psychologist. I know there are sites that offer on-line counseling. It has helped me a great deal, but after 5 months of ups and downs, it is still an issue for me. I know it is common for women going through the "change" to have anxiety issues crop up, but I was 5 years out of it when this started. I hope that you can find a counselor to help you navigate this. It does help. Sending good thoughts and wishes!

Thanks Claire :-)

Forestina in reply to claire0410

That is very interesting. I had sn early abrupt menopause fifteen years ago. I suppose it is wishful thinking to credit my full blown anxiety for the last few months on that. .....but who knows.

Sounds like you had a panic attack of some kind. Hawaii is the most relaxing place infact I'm going to visit my parents who live on Kauai in a few weeks I was hoping Hawaii would cure my anxiaty! like you I have no resone to have it but I'm 44 started 4 years ago I think it may be caused by hormon changes. I do take some supplements that help and meditation but therapy over the Internet would be a good fit for you. Good luck, your not alone.

As far as finding a therapist goes, I would talk to your primary doctor and their office should be able to find you one in your area covered by your insurance. I had the same trouble finding one inline, but I told my doctor about my problems and they gave me a list of therapists I could see. I don't know if it works the same where you are but it's worth bringing up.

I was about to ask the same thing as Deborah. My anxiety started right around the same time and several have told me that may well by the trigger.

But, first off, you are definitely NOT having a mental issue. (Although that's the first thing most of us think!) Body chemistry gets completely out of whack during menopause - physically, emotionally, and mentally........and not all of it we can trace immediately back. Just remember that it's not your fault. I also wish that I had a definitive answer for you as to when they might go away, or even ease up. :-( Mine started during the very start of menopause and I'm still suffering from symptoms even though I'm officially "post" now. My doctor says some may hang around forever now that my hormones have stabilized once more........not exactly what I wanted to hear, but at least I know what to expect. Not necessarily when - as for the life of me I can't figure out any rhyme or reason for when they happen - but at least I now realize that they're perfectly normal which helps a great deal as far as mindset because, as I said before, the first thing all of us believe is that we're losing our marbles!

It could be menopausal that would be my first guess.. A regular primary care doctor can help you to figure out your next step.

I am 64 and have had nervous/depression issues my entire life. But that does sound like an anxiety attack. I had surgical menopause at 46. Have never been to Hawaii, lucky lady! Counseling helps for a while but not forever. Now it is my stomach and headaches, and trouble sleeping. It is hard to find a doctor who is sympathetic. Give yourself some time and see if it continues. Maybe talk to your GP. Keep talking here, we are in the same boat.

Yep, I too think it could be hormonal. The first thing I would do is get a full panel blood test WITH hormone test. Perhaps they do just a hormone test. Then you can go from there. You don't have to be on hormone replacement therapy. There are other natural supplements that help. Vitamin D3+K2 (it's a combo., I get mine on Amazon) can help with anxiety, as well as GABA supplement. Hope this might help.

jllanguille in reply to User1964

Thank you

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