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Soo kids really sick now I’m getting sick but I feel the dark sad feeling getting stronger

I sware as soon as I started feeling achey; this damn dark cloud took over. I keep crying cuz I don’t feel good, cuz I’m missing work, cuz kids really sick , and cuz if it’s not one thing it feels like another with me. But the feeling I get as I’m trying not to cry is overwhelming. I just want a normal week with no insecurities and no sad or shitty thoughts. Why can’t I get back to that. I’m in weekly counseling, communication is good with my man, so much support with him, I got trazadone for sleep. But I feel like if it wasn’t for worrying about breaking my kids and mans heart I’d give up cuz I hate feeling this pain every day.

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hi mercedes, i am reading your post while lying in bed suffering with a stomach virus. i also feel like crap, missing work, missing a moody blues concert i bought tickets for months ago. my depression seems to come back whenever i am sick and can only lie in bed. i dont have the strength to get up because of this bug i have. my daughter was just very sick with the same thing last week, she wound up in the hospital for iv fluids.

i also take trazadone as needed for sleep. do you get wild nightmares from that?


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