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Consistently shaky through out the whole day

So i've been dealing with GAD since i had a panic attack in May, and starting about 3 weeks ago when i thought my anxiety has been reduced greatly i started getting leg weakness, shaky hands, and muscle twitches. These are fairly minor but very annoying and get worse when i'm actually anxious. It's hard to say cause this all started when i 1) stopped taking ativan 2) Started running vigorously everyday 3) started taking magnesium supplements 4) stressed about Christmas. Also i am worried that this may be caused by something other than anxiety.

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I also wanna make certain that it's anxiety causing these problems and what i should get tested


I'm going to say it's anxiety and maybe from the running. It takes some time for your muscles to get used to a new routine. Don't overthink it (easier said than done, I know!) and see how you feel in few days. I know when I used to run, I would get muscle twitches and cramps for awhile until my body got used to the routine. Try stretching a bit when it starts, it used to help.


I recently after rough patch of anxiety I began getting very small twiches all over and more when stressing about them this has been about 6 weeks and they are now less frequent but still a couple every day and shaky at times too. From what I have read twiches are most comenly caused by anxiaty. It still scares me as well but try to not freak out it is a comen anxiaty symptom

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So sorry that this is happening! I'm guessing that it's your anxiety. I say that for two reasons: one, you stopped your anti-anxiety medication, and two, running can get adrenaline going which can cause anxiety, too.

Seeing your doctor might be a good idea to put your mind at ease about exactly what's going on and what you can do to feel calmer.

Hope you are having more peace of mind and body very soon.


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