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When is your anxiety better through out the day?


Just wondering if anyone’s evenings are anxiety free or Mornings are?

I seem to be doing better in the evenings and trying to figure out why when it has been almost 24 hours since I have taken my daily meds except for me Morning dose of buspar.

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Worse time for me (in the past few months) is at Dawn. Right when I'm waking up. Another day of despair.

Throughout the day and at night it's bearable..but not morning

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Yep. Exactly how I feel.

You know, I was just talking to someone about this the other day! For my friend, the mornings are more difficult because of the uncertainties of the day and the lack of sleep from the night previously. For me, I tend to overthink at night, and have a hard time getting out of my own head. It’s the night owl in me I think.

I have lived with anxiety for years and mornings are always the hardest. I think it’s because I have the whole day ahead of me and don’t know what the day is going to bring. I always tend to get in my head about all the mistakes I may make at work, or just generally worry about all the “what ifs” of the day. At night I tend to finally feel a sense of relief that the day is done and I got through it.

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You described exactly how I feel. I hate that there are so many of us suffering but it is good to know that I am not alone.

I think it also may be due to the hormone cortisol that rises in the morning in order to wale you. This causes stress levels to rise.

I find the mornings hell. Have an idea of what basic things need doing and can tell by the way I go about them like a robot at speed that this is anxiety. I am plagued by What ifs. At the cashpoint this morning I struggled. I knew it was ridiculous but kept thinking what if I collapse before the money comes out, will my card be stolen etc

The cruel thing is I know I am overeacting but am at the moment unable to stop it.


I just feel so overwhelmed myself this morning. Just feel like I am going to wake up every morning like this. I just want some peace.

Hello there. My anxiety gets better towards the end of the day. I absolutely dread the mornings especially on days when I have to go to work. As the day goes on I start to feel better and when I leave work my anxiety is almost nonexistent.

Mornings are the worst

Night time for me

Maybe let your pharmacist know this is happening to you after taking buspar. It sounds like you could be having an adverse reaction to the buspar or something in it. Or, if when this all started did you change to lexapro/buspar from another med it could also be withdrawals from the previous med. this happened to me when a dr switched me from Paxil to lexapro without weaning off the Paxil. I had withdrawals from the Paxil but the dr was no help getting it figured out. I finally walked into a pharmacy and spoke with a pharmacist face to face and the pharmacist knew exactly what was going on. They are experts on meds.

I am a morning person so I am most positive then. My energy wanes in the afternoon and evening so I tend to worry more at that time.

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