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Is This Mild Anxeity?

Hi! I recently joined because i think i need some advice...

I just wanted to know if it’s normal to gag when your nervous - e.g about to go to sports training, about to go to a party or to talk to a stranger at a cash desk etc.

I also wanted to know if it is normal to think that everyone around you hates you. That whenever i go over to someone’s house i think that they are doing it out of sympathy or if i’m invited to a party it’s just so people can judge me. I also hate when people look at me because i’m scared that they will see how ugly i am.

I’ve never been diagnosed with anxiety and i probably don’t have it but I recently told my friend about this and she told me it wasn’t normal...

Probably nothing so don’t worry 😂😂

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This is not normal, although it is common. Maybe you could schedule an appointment with a psychologist for an evaluation, or maybe find a support group.

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I would suggest your bring this up with your regular Dr first. At least have a conversation and see where it goes, it can't hurt. Could also lead you to bettering your self confidence!

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As the saying goes, normal is a setting on a clothes dryer. But, the symptoms you are describing sound like social anxiety, and I urge you to talk to your doctor about them. Don't let it go.

Your friend cared enough to be honest with you, and I'm sure you deserve to go about your day feeling better about yourself.

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I agree with the others who have replied to you.

Sounds like you have social anxiety for sure and the gagging might be a panic attack.

I suffer from anxiety and depression.

I used to get panic attacks with eating on dates mostly, but sometimes just going out to eat.

I am in therapy and take meds for my anxiety and depression.

The med I take for anxiety and panic attacks is Klonopin.

I used to take Valium and later Xanax but, since both of them are highly addictive, my Dr switched me to Klonopin.

However, the thing that helped the most with my social anxiety, was when I attended a support group, AL-ANON ACOA.

I was nervous, really nervous at my first meeting, but the nice thing about these groups is that you accepted just as you are and you don't have to share!

I was in therapy for a long time before I felt comfortable enough to go to a support group, so if that is too scary for you now, that is fine.

Talk with your Dr about what you are going through and, if he/she doesn't help you, get a second opinion!

Btw, what got me interested in trying the Al-Anon, was watching John Bradshaw on Public Television.

That was a long time ago, but if you are interested, try googleing him.

Btw, ACOA (Adult Children Of Alcoholics), is not just for people with alcoholic parents.

Anyone from a dysfunctional family or anyone in need of support are welcome!

Good luck and I hope you find your answers and start getting the help.



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