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Long overdue update

It’s been far to long since I posted anything or read anything that has been posted, just been overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of Xmas, but I got through it without any major meltdowns, the sertraline and mirtazapine seem to be really helping with my situation, I’ve been seeing a Mh nurse and I’m on the waiting list to begin telephone therapy consultations but if this doesn’t help with the issues I have with suffering from severe panic attacks and anxiety whenever I have to attend social events or go anywhere that involves being around several people eg supermarkets, hospital or any type of waiting rooms then they have said they will arrange for me to have one to one session with a councillor for cognitive therapy treatment, but apart from that things are going well and I feel much better in myself and I’m not crying constantly like I was and I’m sleeping for longer than I was, instead of getting 2 hrs a night if I was lucky I’m now sleeping for 4-5 hrs most nights, well that’s all I have to say for now, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, wishing everyone all the best for the new yr fingers crossed it’s better than the last one xxx

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