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Christmas /December = sadness

Hey guys

I don't know December is just full of sadness

Reminds me how I'm single, how much I miss him

How I haven't had contact with my mum and dad! I'm only 20,

But last5 years have been soooo difficult for me

I am jealous of everyone. Im broke, no family, no friends and no love of life (my ex)

I hate that' it's Christmas and I'm lonely

But merry Christmas you guys

Let me know what you guys are doing

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Merry Christmas Marato, I know it must be hard to feel so lonely and sad this time of year. I hope that this community brings you peace and companionship just like it does for me. We are all here for each other because we understand which is great.

Today I'm home and waiting for tomorrow to arrive. Hope your night is going good and you are feeling better


Hi! I am sorry you are lonely. I am watching tv; alone. Well, I have my doggie, so I guess I'm not alone. I wish you some solace in this lonely time.😢

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Hi Marato, I'm home alone with my two cats. The heat in my apartment is out so we've spent the day under blankets in my bedroom with a space heater. I'll be alone tomorrow, too, but that's okay.

I'm sorry you're feeling so sad. If you're at all religious (Christian), it might help to remember the meaning of Christmas which is to bring hope into the world. And regardless of your beliefs, there is hope that things will get better. I know they can, because they have for me and there have been times I've felt so lost.

Please stick around. There are lots of great people here. You are not alone!


:) xx Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you - have a wonderful day!

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I can empathise with you being in similar circumstances myself apart from the lost love, your ex. Everyone seems to be happy with their lot, effulgent smiles and laughter whether meant or not. Christmas seems always to remind me of the fact that I have no religion, Christian or otherwise, and a very strong desire to have something such as Faith in my life. But then at 20 you are still learning about life, its consequences, its mood shifts, its penchant properties. You will find someone else to satisfy your desire to love I'm sure, and in those darkest moments you may experience simply remember that you have a roof over your head, you have food, clothing, all the trappings of things you take for granted whilst children all over the world have nothing to eat or drink and their only worry is to stay alive. Pleasure, I would imagine, is not a word which figures in their vocabularies. Anyhow, please attempt to enjoy yourself even if that means only to remind yourself of the good times you and your ex had together. Smiles are free, you know.



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