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Overwhelmed by Anxiety

My anxiety is off the charts. I should be enjoying the holiday weekend with my family but am suffering with overwhelming anxiety and am obsessively worrying about something that happened at work Friday. I think I made a mistake, that I should be able to resolve Tuesday. However I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to resolve it right now. I’m 3 hours away visiting family and even if I was home it would look very strange if I went into work on the holidays to figure it out.

I’m ruining the holidays for my wife and kids because my feelings are written all over my face.

I’m at a lose and welcome any feedback. I’ve tried meditative breathing and have tried rationalizing the situation but nothing seems to help.

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You physically cannot do anything. Worrying about doesnt change it or affect the outcome so let it go. I do understand your struggle. Take comfort in what is in the current moment right here right now. Easier said i know but you must try what would you say to a friend with the same problem.

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Thank you. I appreciate your kind words and immediate response.



If its not life or death, then amend on tuesday.

You'r time with family is precious.They come first every time..

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