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It seems like I have been though all of the emotions and now I’m all left with is emptiness. I’m sat on my sofa, my kids have just gone to bed, and I feel nothing. So far it’s taken me 20 minutes to write this post because I just keep putting my phone down and not focusing.

I’m just empty I don’t feel anything. I’m not angry or worried or sad or anything. My brain is usually going at 100 MPH yet now nothing just nothing.

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mn15. You are not alone. I am sitting on my sofa, my hubby is in bed having been very ill all day. I have two grown up sons who just hand out advice and do nothing to help. I wish I felt empty but I feel so choked up it is difficult to breath properly. If you need to talk via this site feel free, I am here.

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Maybe your brain just needs time to recharge. You say you’ve had all the emotions and now nothing. Maybe it realises you have been through a lot and is letting you have some you time.


It’s still not shifted. I just feel weird and craving salt. Which is even stranger than the emptiness as I’ve got a major sweet tooth.

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