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Is this Normal?

I have been having severe anxiety issues for a long time and I finally decided to start medication. A lot of my anxiety revolves around my health, therefore I'm always making myself think there's something wrong with me and I always feel those symptoms. (The mind is so powerful it's crazy). I had a lot of anxiety regarding starting the medication and the second I took it for the first time I was dizzy and nauseous, obviously from anxiety since I felt those symptoms directly after taking it. Today is day two on the medication. I was at Chipotle ordering my food and suddenly had a full blown panic attack and had to leave. I've never had this before, yeah I get dizzy a lot but this was extreme: everything was moving, my hands were trembling uncontrollably, and I felt as if I couldn't breathe. I don't know if this was caused from the medication or if it's just a panic attack because I've been so nervous about this medication. Not sure if I should

Keep taking it or try something else. Please offer any suggestions from experience, would mean a lot!!!!

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i have a similar kind of anxiety (always worried about my health and convinced that there is something wrong) ive never taken medicine for it tho so i cant share any experiences with that but i would say stick to the meds for a lil while longer and if it gets worse consult with ur doctor


It happened to me a few months ago when I went out to dinner with some friends, I had a huge panic attack right there while sitting at the table, and it felt like nothing around me was real. I think sometimes they just come out of nowhere.


Hi, are you obsessing? It sounds like it to me. I would find a therapist that can help you come to terms with this illness, and free you of it. Do it and do it soon. I wish You well, and get well.Sending support, energy to push forward, love & Hugs. Sprinkle 1


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