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Just wondering

I'm just wondering I'm on a few different medications I take 40 ng celexa a day for my Depression and I take Ambien at night to sleep I also take 20 mg Adderall 3 times a day for my ADHD 2 MG XNANAX 3 TIMES A day for my Anxiety the one I'm kinda wondering about is the one I've been on for my bipolar it's Topamax I take 200 mg 2 times a day I've read up on it lately and it mostly says for epilepsy or migraine headaches some cases for bipolar 200 mg seems high I get all my meds from a mental health doctor just curious if anyone knows much about Topamax for bipolar

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Ive been on Celexa for about 7 months and it works great for me i feel like im cured but you take so many other things too so not sure what to tell you, im only on 10 mgs.


Ya I really like celexa for my Depression I take 40 mg a day


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