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I have reason to think I'm in crisis. But it's complicated. I have an irrational fear that is very unlikely to be true, however my mind is constantly going back to it, enough that I've visited some sketchy websites with some scary content to figure out what to do with myself if it's true. Rationally, I know this fear probably isn't going to come true. But I'm completely overwhelmed by it and I have no basis of support for it because 1. Nobody will listen to me and 2. I don't want to confide it in anyone because it's complicated and scary. I just don't know what to do.

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You have to let the irrational fear go. It’s irrational right! It will never happen, right? Try getting interested in something else. Focusing on something rational. I’m not sure what else to tell you but you said it was irrational and won’t come true. Find a new thing to focus on instead. You have to let it go. Try exercise, music, drawing anything that interests you healthily. If it gets too bad you may have to confide in someone so they can better assist you. A crisis hotline. A friend. Family. Etc. Therapist. I’m sure they’ve heard worse. I always pray that no one can read my mind. We’ve all had crazy thoughts. My son calls me “random”. Maybe getting it out will help you let it go.


My mom calls me irrational when my anxiety gets bad!You used that word. I hate it when she says that. Obviously I’m obsessing over it so it’s important to me if not you. Right!? I just want to clarify that I in no way was trying to sound mean. Finding a hobby or another interest will help you let go of the irrational one. Easier said than done though. I know I sure can’t. If I’m stressed it’s on and nothing else matters! I wish I could help you more. I just don’t want you to think I’m being mean. Someone took there bad mood out on me but now I’m trying to make sure my intent is well known. It is never mean. I hate seeing people suffer like I have and continue to do. I’m trying to focus on being positive and it’s a struggle. Every second of every day. Now I’m stressing that people think I’m being mean. I’m not. I just care about people. I’ve dealt with this so long I try to tell people things I’ve heard or learned. Some I can’t apply to myself but could maybe help others. My anxiety makes me talk a lot. Along with my ocd. I do want to help when able. Im here if you need to talk.

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Hi Little rose, have you ever watched a couple called "The Speakmans"?. They are often on TV programmes where they help people with phobias, PTSD, trauma's of many kinds. The way they work is to show you that your fears are just your fears, they are not real, and are unlikely to ever become real. You need professional help little rose, don't let things get any worse. If you get help now, good help, you are young, have your life ahead of you, you need to live it. Live it well, not worried about all sorts of things, you are young, beautiful, smart, you have the world at your feet. Please get some help so you can live free.

Huge hug ❤️


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