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Anniversary of a major panic attack that left me feeling traumatized

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November 22 of last year I had the worse panic attack of my life. I felt as if I was dying like that was the end. It left me with a depressed somewhat always anxious feeling. Since this past week I've started to think about it again and I feel depressed. I'm crying randomly i don't know what's wrong with me . I was on Prozac then stopped it when i was doing a lot better with advice from the doctor, now I'm becoming more and more paranoid, and upsets I started taking the Prozac again this past week and I know it takes awhile to work but I don't know why I feel this way. I've been really stressed out lately too with driving 120 miles a day to work I can't stand it . Thankfully I start a new job closer after next week. I don't understand why I'm feeling depressed. I have no reason to be ! Does anyone get like this ?

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Why torture yourself, the past is past, live for today it is all you have, that is how I live, and I stay on my meds it is safer that way, ask your Dr. I am on permanently. Be good to yourself, no going back, that is dead space. Get some flowers put them in vase where you can see them and their beauty. Be good to yourself. Give yourself a hug if there is no one to hug you. Join a support group. Talk to us we will try to help you. I send you a Big hug and love, with peace. Sprinkle 1

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