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Hello my name is Gloria and I have been suffering from panic attacks and depression on and off for 23 years. I was doing well for so long that I thought I was passed it all. My life is good. I don't have anything to be worried about yet here I am again at the age 44 having panic attacks again. I have started on 20 mg. of prozac again. Also l am using Xanax when the panic attacks get really bad. Mine escalate to thoughts that I'm losing control and going crazy. I also fear that my medication won't work this time which has never happened. I've always done well on Prozac but this time around I feel like maybe it's not helping. I just upped the dose to 20mg about a week ago. I haven't even been on it for a month. I know it need more time but I just can't shake this feeling that it's not going to work this time. I guess I just feel hopeless and I thought I was passed all this. I'm hoping someone has had these feelings and can reassure me that my meds will work. And that again this well soon pass as it has before.

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  • I am on Prozac and the Dr. Added another antidepressant Nortripyline . I've only been on it a month and I don't feel much better. I take klonapin for anxiety.

    It takes a while especially if you have been off meds for a while. I'm sure it will work

  • I'm sure you will feel better soon. I have been through this more than once and I'm was just feeling really low this morning. It does take time.

  • Just curious I've never tired Klonopin before have you tried Xanax? If so do you like one more than the other?

  • I feel you girl! My anxiety has been crazy lately! I find my strength through my family. You're not crazy! You're medications helped before, then they will help again! Have you ever tried aromatherapy? I just started a couple different types and I feel a huge difference! Hang in there girl! 💜

  • Would love any new techniques to try out. What aromas do you use?

  • What oils ate yiu trying?

  • Mostly lavender because it's so soothing, but it depends! Chamomile, rose, etc! try different ways of diffusing too. Shower tablets, cotton ball inside a cage necklace, etc.

  • Part of anxiety and depression is believing things won't ever get any better. The hopeless feeling, the terror that things may even get worse. It's the depression and the anxiety talking. I also know the feeling......have struggled for years. Support is so very important even if it is just one person you trust that you can be real with. Exercise is very important. Everyday, even when you really really don't want to. Use the xanax and klonipin sparingly, they are habit forming.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I know it's my anxiety talking but it's so good to hear it come from someone else who suffers with the same issue. I do have support but they don't really understand what I'm going through. Yes, I use Xanax in only extreme cases where I feel that I'm losing control and can't stop the panic attack. Thanks again for your advice.

  • Yes no one really can understand unless they have experienced it. You are not alone. Part of the panic and terror is feeling so alone with it.

  • I know how your feeling and wonder why we have this disorder. I always think I want to help people that have many more problems but all we need is feeling secure

  • You're right. We all want to feel secure and safe. I know I will get back to feeling that way, but right now it's just really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for your response.

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