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Hello. I'm new here. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety a few months ago. There are no support groups near me so I decided to find them online. I am not an outgoing person or comfortable with social situations. Right now I just need to find support as my family does not try or want to understand me. It is hard to try dealing with all this on my own.

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  • Hi Chi-lotus,

    Welcome to your forum. You are welcome to float any ideas or ask for general help with a problem. The members are scattered around the world in different time zones so you can be sure of a kind answer at some time.

  • Hi chi-lotus . In my opinion we need specialised help, but in the end we need to want and work ourselves with the problems. I'm antisocial too in real life, and it's hard to make friends. Who would want us if we don't like ourselves? Big hugs and let's help each other to raise our head and go on with this enigma named life. Kisses

  • Thank you. I see a therapist once a month and do a lot of journaling and coping techniques. But sometimes its nice just to hear "hang in there".

  • Not just hang in there but thrive. Best to you!

  • Welcome and nice to meet you chi-lotus, you're not alone and someonewill alwaysbe able to relate or lend some advice or an ear ☺ the people on here are so kind and understanding. You're at the right place 👍

  • Hello and thanks for the welcome. I am glad to be able to talk with others that understand.

  • Hey chi-lotus,

    Don't worry you are not alone. My family is the same way, they think I can just "get over it". This website is definitely a great place to come to considering everyone here is very positive and overall supportive. Are you going to be put on medication for your anxiety and depression?

  • I do take medicine, plus see a therapist and psychologist. Its just hard to deal with the depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and stress; and sometimes I don't deal very well. When that happens my family makes it all about themselves or they say and do things without regards for my feelings. Over the weekend I was sick in bed and they all didn't do anything to help out. I still had to get up and cook. Plus they kept having me get up to do stuff for them. I feel like I am just their maid. They are practically grown and my husband is actually worse than my teenage children.

    Sorry for rambling and thanks for welcoming me. I guess I needed to vent a little. This seems like a good site and I have received some nice welcome posts.

  • You're completely fine, I honestly feel that people don't truly understand depression and anxiety until they start dealing with it themselves. Have you tried to get your husband to come to a therapy session with you, so you guys could have a family session?

  • Shame on them- you're riight you are not a maid and your husband is an adult!

  • Well welcome. Have you tried NAMI if you are in the US?

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