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Not feeling much better today.


After suffering from some of the worst anxiety and depression I’ve had in years, I woke up this morning feeling a little better and a little more hopeful that today was going to be okay. But after being awake for about thirty minutes I can see that is not the case. No matter how hard I tried to stop my anxiety and worry and negative thoughts they slowly found their way into my head and are continuing to wear me down. My stomach is starting to cramp again and I can feel my headache starting up and the day has just begun. This has the makings of a terrible day. I know that I’m not supposed to say things like that, I need to try and stay positive. Sometimes that fight to remain positive is so difficult and it can be so tiring and in the end you end up losing anyway.

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I know how you feel. Try and do something's to distract your mind for example maybe watch some tv or movies, or read a book etc

ckw1 in reply to Jmerrick22

I’m going to try and do that today but I am at work also which doesn’t help my state of mind. My work place is a cause of a lot of my anxiety. I’m actually amazed that I was able to make it here today considering the last few days I’ve had. It was a struggle to leave the house when all I wanted to do was go back to bed and hide from the world.

Jmerrick22 in reply to ckw1

I've been there exactly. Work causes anxiety for me too

Agora1 in reply to ckw1

ckw1, We ,may be able to hide from the world but not from ourselves. Our minds are running constantly, feeding us information whether good or bad. Knowing what causes your anxiety can help you in addressing different issues that are your trigger points. Knowing the things at work that start the ball rolling for you can be reduced significantly by "deep breathing". Yes, something as simple as breathing slow and deep. The magic happens as you slowly let out your breathe thinking "relaxxx" in your mind. You will feel your shoulders come down away from your ears. A habit many of us have when stressed out. We hold ourselves rigid and tense which becomes the exact base that anxiety can take hold of.

You cannot be anxious and be deep breathing. It's true. Deep breathing slows down both the mind and the body. Quieting it for a few moments but the moments count in reducing your anxiety.

It is a learned practice and shouldn't be done just in emergency situations but make it a way to get through your day no matter what you are doing. When the need arises (and it will) revert to watching how you are breathing and it will more than take anxiety down a few notches. Once learned properly, it will stop anxiety in it's tracks. My best ckw x

ckw1 in reply to Agora1

Thank you for your support and advice. I know that I need to do more breathing exercises to help calm me down. If I can remember to do it when I start getting the feelings of anxiety it really does help to curb it. Lately I’ve been forgetting to do it and it’s harder to focus on it when you’re in full blown panic.

Agora1 in reply to ckw1

ckw, that is sooo true, once the full blown panic is in place it is much, much harder to reverse it. That's why it must become an automatic response through habit that will engage you into deep breathing.

I am deep breathing while typing on the forum (or I probably wouldn't get through some of the things I read) as well as when watching tv, driving, going to the store etc. All the things and places that once caused me anxiety no longer do. It can't if your body is no longer producing large amounts of adrenaline as before.

It sure makes life a lot easier to go through day by day. Hope you start this "good" habit. Breathe xx

i have this,sometimes i don;t have bad waking dreams and feel ok ,but after half hour it starts to wear off,or theres nothing to look forward to? can you afford manuka honey,!00% excellent for gastro,h &b penny sale on get 2 tubs 12 plus doctor at around £24 and take as directed,you will feel physically better,sounds expensive works out about 5op daily, so not so ,best of luck ciley,

I feel sorry for your suffering, sometimes I wake up and the anxiety hits me hard and leaves me afraid to get out of bed - but I do. Other times like you thinking it is OK and it piles in on me in 1/2 hour. My Dr. has me on anxiety medication, and Lorazapam, which acts quickly, that I am supposed to use sparingly, some days I take none, other days I take 1, it knocks the bugger down to manageable size. I am retired so work is not a problem. I usually turn on music, or find something non aggressive to to watch on TV. I also like the adult coloring books and the word search, they take my mind in a different direction. I do what I can do to help myself. I get fed up and wish this would end, I am on a new med and I still have 2 weeks to go to reach the 6 week line. I have found a support group and have signed up for therapy. I am doing the best I can to take care of myself. Yes it is a struggle, but I have faith it will end. Be kind to yourself, write to us and let us be of help. I send Love, peace & understanding, a fellow sufferer. Sprinkle 1

ckw1 in reply to Sprinkle1

Thank you for your support. I’m feeling a little better today than I was yesterday but still not feeling great. I’m trying to stay positive and keep my mind from falling back into a bad place. Trying to stay busy and keep myself occupied.

Hello ckw1 glad to hear you are going in the right direction, I do my best to block any negative thoughts, I try just to stay in today, in the minuet it is all I have, and I get annoyed at my lying brain and tell it to piss off. The meds help I space them out thru the day so there is always something in my system, I think one reason it is bad in the am as we are not putting any med's in our system, I take some as soon as I get up to get them working. Keeping writing to us we are here for you you will find Agora1 is very knowledgeable. I am going now, I am getting hungry. I send you a Big Hug, love and Peace. Sprinkle 1

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