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Struggling badly returning to work new panic attack symptoms, any advice on how to cope???

I haven't been around for a bit, hoping you are all in an ok place.

I'd hoped that I was stabilizing from my post operative anxiety. ( Had major surgery in July followed by viral meningitis) I developed GERD 6 weeks ago which was a big setback and it was so bad I was referred to a consultant. He reckons it's caused by stress, not the surgery, NSAIDs, meningitis or my endo, and was a bit dismissive.

I started my return to work this week and I've been restructured and my role has totally changed and been split in two, everyone else has been there the past 4 months and seem to know what's going on. I've had two borderline panic attacks where my chest just closed up, one at home when my hubby raised moving to the opposite end of the country for a new job he wants to apply for and we rowed. The second one yesterday in the car outside work . I've not had a panic attack since being a teenager 35 years ago I don't think. I broke down briefly with my boss in my 121 yesterday over it all. I've been doing half days, am sleeping all afternoon as shattered, in part due to lack of sleep with GERD and not functioning at all in the office, pretty much hiding in my chair doing nothing staring at my screen struggling to take stuff in.. I have performance anxiety at the best of times, and I certainly am not evenr functioning let alone performing.

I'm really scared I am going to have a full nervous breakdown over everything, I've had to leave jobs before due to stress and depression ten years ago. I've started to take kalms even though they are hard on your tummy as I have to get a grip. I'm trying meditation but breathing pain is hampering me.

Any advice for coping mechanisms and getting this new panic attack level of stress back under control massively appreciated!

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Don't have much advice as I am experiencing a lot of the same issues. Hope we get some relief soon. I am being promoted soon to Office manager and the mere thoughts of it sends me into a panic. I understand your pain.


Hi Starry

I started with anxiety attacks when I was 18 and a few years ago they came back with a vengeance! One was so bad my hubby rushed me to A&E, I couldn't walk properly, I felt like I was dying, my whole body went clammy and I felt like jelly. But I did find a way to cope with it and now it rarely bothers me. To start with I used distraction, I love clothes so I'd spend time window shopping online till it passed. They became weaker every time I distracted myself. Now I use self talk or mantras as some people like to call it. Every day I'll say something positive about myself, it's totally changed how I feel about myself. It took a month for me to notice a difference. Hope that helps and thank you for your advice over on the Endo community. xxx

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Thank you Angela. I was signed off work with GAD today for 2 weeks and put on sertraline. It's the first time I've had an official anxiety diagnosis.

I do have a counselor so hope they may be able to help.

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