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Bad Panic Attack (ongoing)

Hi all,

I have had a ridiculously bad panic attack for the last hour which I have not been able to shift.. usually I can get rid of it after 2-10 minutes depending on the severity.

I don't want to call 111 (UKs non emergency advice helpline) as the last 2 times I did just for advice they called out an ambulance.

So, does anyone have any advice on here?

On a side note, I hate self diagnosing but I think I am showing signs of Coeliac disease, think I will mention that to my doctor tomorrow.

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There have been posts/replies providing other crisis help lines in the UK.....Come on folks, please offer them up.

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Thanks Hidden, don't think a crisis line is needed for me right now though. I'm starting to ease but slowly. Last time I called 111 they sent an ambulance 10 minutes in the phone call so I spent the night watching football on my phone in A&E connected to a heart machine lol! I'm knackered right now so just waiting for it to subside a bit then think I will crash out for the night. Going to ask for a GP appointment tomorrow, maybe they will let me take more Amitriptyline.

Thanks for your message :)


I don't know why but I have never liked the thought of crisis lines, even when my GP gave them to me I mentioned it. Its hard to explain.


You don't have to like them to use them when your brain needs something. Duhhhhh, don't be your own doctor,

if you are, you have a fool for a patient.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Hump.

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Haha! That is your catchphrase isn't it! In all seriousness though, I am not the sort of person who likes opening up, maybe I am getting the gist of a crisis line wrong.


You don't need to open up, just say you're going through bad spell and needed to hear a voice NOT connected to an ambulance.

How do you think I've lived this long with anxiety...

And how many calls do you think I've taken and talked baseball or football? Duhhhhhh.


Hmm I may give it a go if I have another lengthy panic attack but this one has subsided now. But seriously, I really appreciate what you have done. :)


Worn you down, have I?

You have to start to think outside the box. Remember you're in my ballpark now.....remember I had those master degrees before I was an attorney?

You don't cry "wolf". I respect you for that. :)


Haha, you always know how to get around me! Well, you know me. I don't really like asking for help, as with most things I don't know why but I have always been like that, even before anxiety.


You and I have that in common. It provides us a sense of security that we can take care of ourselves. I still don't or like actually asking for any kind of help. Guess always felt that so many people will just let me down if I had to ask.


I feel very weak asking. You may or may not have notice I have never mentioned can I have help on this site. Its always 'any advice' or 'anyone had this' I just feel weak when I say that phrase!

Glad you understand where I am coming from.


Absolutely. Society places extra pressure on men to be "strong".

Have noticed men who actively placed team sports some time in their lives feel more comfortable asking their friends or acquaintances for assistance.

Due to the lack of financial resources of my parents who some how managed to keep a roof over ten heads and basic food on the table, I learned at an early age not to ask for anything. Realized they couldn't provide anymore than they were working so hard to do.


If I get a response to my post, I will send you the other numbers I know I have seen for UK.


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