Trying to stay calm

My husband has requested we go out today & since it's Veteran's day (He was in the Army) off we go. There's a brewery he wants to check out & another place is doing tastings/sale to support relief for the fires in Santa Rosa county. We are also planning in going out to dinner. We are being smart, taking public transit & I definitely won't be drinking a lot. I hate I can't enjoy a day out...

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  • melbrown, thank you husband for his service It sounds like a nice evening. Try to enjoy yourself and Breathe..xx

  • I hope there are some positive aspects to your evening, in spite of your anxiety. I often have a better time than anticipated, because I always anticipate the worst. Don't forget to give yourself credit for being kind to your husband by going out to celebrate his service even though you'd rather stay in. Maybe you'll taste some delicious things that you wouldn't have experienced otherwise! Let us know how it goes.

  • Heading home now, waiting for our train. The wine tasting to support the wild fires ❤was nice, bought a few bottles to share with friend's. Definitely will have to check the winery out next time we go up north. Dinner was nice.... We ran into friend if my husband's that he knew in high school 😊 Ready to be home in my PJ's maybe watch some Stranger Things.

  • melbrown, I'm glad the evening went well. Enjoy the rest of your evening at home.

    You did good xx

  • Hugs Agora1 ❣ Hope you are having a good night too 💛

  • Please thank your husband for me for his service. And I thank you because it can't be easy being a military wife. I think we forget that sometimes and I appreciate you! Military spouses are the forgotten Heroes. I can't imagine what you have had to go through.

  • Thank you, though my husband & I meet after he served.... I agree about the military spouses. My mom & sister were both ones, so seen it first hand. As a child it was scary when dad had to go out to sea (My dad was in the Navy).

  • Thank you to your dad also. It must have been quite difficult to experience that. My late dad was in WW2.

  • Thank you to your husband for his service. I hope that you can find some enjoyment in the activities.

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