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Trying to stay positive


Hi im new here my name is kia im 35 i have anxiety an i think depression i quit my job dont like leaving home when i stand feels like the room spinning i have been to the ER so many times for dizziness chest pains cant breath for them to say all your test is normal i feel like im loosing my mind in a since like i know something medicaly wrong but every ekg mri ct scan blood work says other wise any advice please im really tired of this oh i was priscbed paxil took it for two days an didnt like it any suggestion

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Hi Kia381, as I was reading your post I couldn't believe how much you are going thru exactly the same issues as I am! My doctor hasn't said the I suffer from anxiety but I'm in the exact same place you are. I just found this website a few minutes ago and couldn't believe that I was reading what I was about to write. I hope we could both find some support and answers here :)

Kia381 in reply to Myra322

You and me bith its been bout 8 months for me how bout you an the hard part i didnt wanna except anxiety i keep looking for medical reasons not mental reasons its terrible im actually tired im gonna get help start see another therapist or something its so over whelming i hate that youe goin thru this but happy that i have someone who understands atleast we will get thru this

hannah821 in reply to Myra322

Hi. From what you are saying you need a therapist to help sort your feelings. I see a therapist who helps me. i suffer from anxiety also. I started taking Paxil a few weeks ago. They say you need at least 6 weeks to notice any difference from the meds. You need help with your anxiety. Good Luck.

Kia381 in reply to hannah821

Did it give you diahreaa and headaches

I sure did...there were times I woke up from my sleep and had pins and needles in both arms and my tongue was numb...I was so wound up, I went to the hospital and my ekg was slightly abnormal...anxiety can do crazy things to your body. But, once you recognize what sets you off, you can control the will still a little nervous, but you won't have a full blown anxiety attack.

hannah821 in reply to Kia381

No headaches after the first few days. It has helped with constipation. No diahrea.

I had very similar issues beginning a little over a year ago...i went to the er 3 times in one weekend because I thought I was going to drop dead from a heart attack...I had all the same test as well as an echo to make sure I was ok...every doctor I went to said the same thing...anxiety...I struggled so long because I really couldn't believe it...but, once I accepted it was anxiety, I started to pay attention to my body...once I felt even a little panicked, I started to breath it out and repeat to myself, "There's nothing wrong with me." I haven't had a panic attack in months...I feel very much in control now. I am not saying that this is your solution or that I will happen overnight (because Lord knows it took me months to get it), but this helped me (without meds)...maybe it can help you. Good luck...I hope you find something that works soon so your quality of life returns. And just know, you are not alone. :)

Did u have pains in your chest or arms at times an felt like you were gonna fall on your face

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