i hate skool

So recently there has been this guy we have two classes together and everyday, during first period, hes always picking on me.. This morning he was standing near my spot, so i went around him and ignored him. Yet he comes up to me and spits on my face.. Im starting to think dirt will soon have more authority over me. I dont want to give him power, but im too weak to fight back and stand up for myself. Now im not saying he hits me, but he does spit. a lot. Im seriously considering reporting him to our principal, but he always comes up with lame lies like "she threatening me" which i never did. I dont know what to do.. help.

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  • Hi! Good morning how are you?

    You have to report him to the principal otherwise he will keep doing that and will become his toy. You have to stop this now.here in America this is call bullying and is intolerable.

    Good luck with that asshole!!

  • Pacobusta1970 Lm92 Thank you guys so much for ideas i will do something on monday. I hope this ends soon. Thanks again!

  • Do you have a trusted teacher you can talk to? A guidance counselor at your school? If you're afraid of drawing attention to yourself by talking with the principal or other authority figure during the school day, maybe email them and arrange a time before or after school? Talk to your parents, older siblings, cousins. Just don't silently take it. You don't have to. You're better than that. Most people who act the way this bully is acting do so because they have an insecurity about themselves that they want to remove attention from. The main thing is, don't stay silent! Good luck to you.

  • Next time he spits on you, punch him as hard as you can in the nose. Don't just use your arm to punch. Use your hips and turn them into the punch. Search YouTube for how to throw a punch.

  • Doug1847 I will that's pretty useful. Thanks for your suggestion i hope as well my situation improves.

  • ZacharyM2 seems fun. Ill try that. thanks everyone for suggestions

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