I'm never one to write in these kinds of things but I feel so lost and broken I don't know what to do. my troubles started in the middle of August, my anxiety worsend with a vegence and I had no idea why I just got another promotion, celebrated my 21st in Essex, have amazing friends and family and at the time an amazing boyfriend. I just didn't feel happy. then the panic attacks started, the time off work, not sleepin, ringing 999 thinking I was having a heart attack. I went to get help and kept getting medication thrown my way that I didn't want to take, then three weeks ago by boyfriend suddenly finished me because I no longer got his 'humour' and now i can't stop crying, my anxiety is worse. I feel completely abandoned, not good enough for anyone as before this relationship I was single for four years and this one only lasted 10 months. I try distracting myself by doing nearly 50hrs a week in work and going to the gym but even then all I do is cry. everything I do im just failing too feel happy..

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  • Your's ok to be to like this..this is how you feel when your lost and will get support on here from us who have been through it, going through it, and gotten don't have to get excited about every event that happens in your life..there will be things that will get you excited just need to adapt to the changes that are happening around you and get back on track..cry as much as you want, cry and cry and cry..get it out, your hurt, let time heal you..I know your strong and you will get stronger cause you will learn from the past and this whole good enough for yourself yourself..forgive yourself and the others.. separate and acknowledge this sadness in your mind, detach it from taking over little by little.. don't get stuck in how things were is throwing this at you so you will get better and wiser and stronger as you move forward to what the future holds for you..Just Go with the flow..

  • I struggle with the same exact thing. I constantly feel like I am having a heart attack and am going to die but I don't know why. It is so hard to control.

  • The hurt will heal but things won't be the same. It will take time. A long time. Some days you will not feel hope, but the day will come when you will. You are doing good by not going 100 percent into the medications. Avoid them as much as possible. Don't depend on them. Draw strengths from positive things. Join a Therapy group or a class like Yoga. Don't over burn your self. Most importantly allow yourself to feel the anxiety. Don't be in denial. Accept that you are scared but know that it's only that. Anxiety can't kill you. If you learn to use it right it can actually be your best friend. You are young. You will find someone else, but in the meantime focus on you and you alone. Love will come back at some unexpected moment. Just focus on you now. Just be in the moment and know that you are strong. Sorry to say this but your bf sounds like an asshole. You deserve better. If you really enjoy your career go on with it, if not find something else that syncs with the life you want. Just keep moving.

  • I am sorry your boyfriend abandoned you. You had been doing well for a while, then this happens. Change, even if good, can be stressful. You are not alone, and your ex just wasn't worthy of your greatness. I know that sounds trite, but I am 50 and never dated. The point is, I have to be happy to be myself. I learned in a therapy group that I have to accept my reality. I don't have to like it, but I need to accept it. That helped me a lot.

  • P.S. Sometimes meds do help. They can help you get through the intensity of the emotion so you can do the work that you need to do to overcome it.

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