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Hormones and Panic Attacks

I am an almost 51 year old woman who has just entered menopause. I have had anxiety/panic attacks my whole life. I have been on zoloft for about 15 years...started off on 75 mgs, then went down to 50 and have been on 25 for about 8-10 years. I felt really good and had some mild anxiety, but nothing crazy. Since the summer, my panic attacks have come back full force. My doc increased my zoloft to 50 mgs a couple of weeks ago. Have any other women experienced an increase in panic/anxiety at the onset of menopause? Trying to figure out if I need to maybe talk to her about switching meds, or just hang in there for a bit and see if things even out. Currently having one of the worst panic attacks I have had in a long time.

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Unfortunately, anything can happen when entering this stage of life. Just like experiencing a mental condition, every person will experience the Big M in their own way.

Menopause itself can be treated by prescription medication hormone replacement therapy, or HRT or natural remedies or by letting nature take it's course. It is worth researching which of the 3 paths you wish to go down. Consult your doctor about the best treatment options for you.

Since the doctor has changed the dose of your medication, I would suggest that it's worth persisting to see if this has any affect. Changing too many things at the same time means that it is impossible to tell what is working or not, even with the doctor's best clinical experience in the world.


Hello, I agree with Blackcat, it is a tumultuous time of life for a lot of women, I went thru hell. Do talk to your Dr. and research everything you can, go on line, check out books at your library, see if there is a support group, I went to one. I am sorry you are suffering, it will end but the question is when? Find all the help you can get, as Blackcat suggested hormone treatment, I did that, but I had the ones made naturally. Do not take Premerine & Provera, they are not good for the body. Premerine is made from Pregnant mares urine, it is a cruel thing for the horses, and what do we want with that in our body's. Come and talk to us we will support and encourage you. Be kind to yourself and patient I know it is rough going - been there. Sending love, strength and peace. Sprinkle 1


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