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Have you taken Zolpidem?

I'm not doing so well with sleep, depression and anxiety. Waking up around 2 or 3 AM and getting my wife up also. I know it's not the best but I can't help it cause of sharp pain in my ears, head and stomach area or just can't get air. Saw my doctor today and got Zolpidem 5 mg to help me get a good night sleep. Any one with experience taking this drug? Did it help and how long did you use it?

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I've been taking it for a while now. I've been sleeping like a baby so rest your will definitely get. The issue is that after a while you're no longer sleeping... I feel like I'm sedated... but this happens after talking the medication for a while... sooo try to use it the least time possible. I can no longer sleep without it. Just be careful.


Thank you for responding, I'll use it with caution.

I was told by the pharmacist that it's effective for about 4 hours and will not have a sedated feeling in the AM. Sounds like that might not be so correct. How long since you are on it?

I'm also taking Clonazepam at night for anxiety which already relaxes me but can't sleep well. Hope this will help because in the morning I feel really tired and don't feel rested at all.

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You have my empathy, I also suffer with depression/anxiety and have a hard time with sleep, I was using melatonin 5 mg until my Psych Dr. Put me in Quetiapine fumarate 12 1/2 mg. It works very well and does not leave me hung over. Ask your doctor about it. I wish you well fellow sufferer. I send love & peace. Sprinkle 1


Well, I took my first Zolpidem last night and woke up with a headache and being dizzy and kinda slow today. I had a good sleep though which I very much needed. I'll ask about your recommendation next time I see my doctor.

Best to you Sprinkle1 and thank you.


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