Depression Will Be My Cause of Death Someday

Truly believe this. I have no life. Self hatred, no friends AT ALL, my face is ugly(acne), pcos, anxiety, depression.....what is the point? People on here lie, sometimes it doesn't get better. Even if i magically felt better about my mental and physical health, i would still be all alone just like i am now. I just hate my life. I know the world is better off......

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  • i feel the same way. i don't believe that i can handle life in general and have always thought that i would eventually die from the stress anxiety and depression. even though physiologically you cannot die from that, i feel like its so intense that i could completely shut down one day

  • Yeah, i meant like suicide. Or cutting or smoking cigarettes.

    Sorry you feel this way. At least we both know we aren't alone in feeling like this. I just wish to die right now.

  • yeah you are not alone in this. i hope that you stay positive. i get you and i try to talk myself into staying positive. like i would literally repeat in my head positive thoughts even though i don't believe them.

  • See how strong you are?😉 i can't think positively ever.

    My mind is at war with myself 24/7😑

  • thanks. i only recently tried this method after years of anxiety. its a slow, steady work in progress. i am too afraid to go to therapy. but i hope to get some real help one day

  • Your welcome, i hope you get the help you need when you need it.

  • My face is too ugly for life too.

  • I feel the same with this depression! it never lifts.

  • Yeah unfortunately there is still a lot of people who think depression goes away forever. There is no cure to depression and anxiety and other illnesses....we just learn how to cope through life living with it. But i still don't know how to cope which makes sense why my depression is reoccuring. It sucks!💢😡

  • Acne fades as we age. I looked up pcos because I had not used the abbreviation. I had that. Along with endometriosis. I lost my first child. Miraculously I ended having a miracle child. Then tried for another. I was even taking shots to help me ovulate. I ended up with severe abdominal pain and had an ultrasound and instead of a baby I ended up being sent straight to an oncology specialist where I had an emergency hysterectomy. PCOS can be controlled with diet and exercise. The cysts can influence acne but it will eventually get better. There are birth control pills you can take to help it as well. I am so blessed because the doctor caught mine before cancer spread through my body. When you go to the doctor to see if your pregnant the one thing you tried so hard for only to get an emergency hysterectomy it’s rough to say the least! But guess what God did? He gave me a step son! Now I am a grandmother. PCOS is cysts on your ovaries. It’s not the end of the world. I promise. Acne is temporary. You can overcome! Please read this!

  • Wow, you are an incredibly strong woman💪👊😝 He does work in mysterious ways! I'm happy you gotten your miracle baby- and your very brave. I believe you and i will just keep trying to be more patient with myself and my....face! Ahaha😂

  • Please do! For me I had to give it to God. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone! Doctors told my mom I would never walk at birth and again when I had a car accident and I broke my legs hips knees etc. coma both arms ruptured spleen and crushed right side of my face. Scars everywhere. Well after I was born I went on to break records in softball and basketball at my high school so much for not walking then after my accident I got back on my feet which they told my mom if I live which was highly unlikely I would never walk again and probably have date brain damage well look at me now I’m walking I’m talking and for the most part living a functional life never let doctors decide your future just keep fighting you got this I promise I wish I could see your beautiful face because trust me it is beautiful

  • This made me smile! God is good. Thanks for the positive outlook!!!! You are very kind!😄 i'm cheering you on🎉


    Most controlled it with diet and proper skin care.

  • Thanks! ❤

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